What Pez dispenser is the most valuable?

What Pez dispenser is the most valuable?

Bottom Line: 1982 World’s Fair Astronaut B This dispenser is frequently cited as the most expensive Pez dispenser ever sold at $32,205.

Are old Pez candy dispensers worth anything?

But nearly all Pez without feet bring at least $10 or more. And, one in three from the 1960s are worth $100. Also valuable – up to $5,000 – are dispensers with a shooting star on the side instead of the Pez name. To be valuable to a collector, Pez dispensers must work and be in perfect condition.

How can you tell the year of a Pez dispenser?

According to their site, “You can tell how old a Pez dispenser is by looking at the Patent Number on the side of a Pez Stem. If the Patent Number reads: 2,620,061 then it was produced from 1952-1968. If the Patent Number reads: 3,410,455 then it was produced from 1968-1974.

What is the oldest Pez dispenser?

In 1949 the first dispenser is officially introduced at the Vienna Trade Fair. The original dispenser held the same number of tablets (12) as today!

Are PEZ worth more in the package?

Besides being worth more, the dispenser will also be better preserved if it is left in its original intended packaging. While modern dispensers may also be worth more left in their packaging, they can be displayed more easily when opened, so the choice is yours.

Does PEZ expire?

PEZ stated that they expire in 5 years from the date manufactured, however they do not print the expiration date on the product. 7 of 8 found this helpful.

Does anyone collect PEZ dispensers?

While PEZ is today known as an American icon, it began as a simple breath mint in Austria. Today, thousands of people worldwide collect PEZ dispensers and merchandise, and there is an international community for buying, trading, and selling all things PEZ.

What does the number on the side of a PEZ mean?

On most PEZ dispensers, located on one side of the stem, and towards the top, you will find a single or double digit number molded in the plastic. A single digit number is the most common occurrence and indicates which country the molding plant is/was located.

What do the numbers on the bottom of a Pez dispenser mean?

Are PEZ dispensers from the 90s worth anything?

The PEZ collecting community is alive and well and rare Pez dispensers can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars on eBay. This is also true for PEZ that were recalled due to safety concerns or products that are so old that few others like them managed to survive intact.

When did PEZ have feet?

Pez dispensers didn’t have feet until 1987, when they were introduced to make the dispensers more stable when standing. Feet are the protrusions at the bottom or base of the dispenser.

Does PEZ go bad?

– Theme: Themes range from historic characters to TV and movie actors and characters. – Size: There are standard and giant dispensers with the latter being 12 inches tall. – Packaging: Limited-edition packaging is found on many sets, including Star Wars and Marvel.

What is the history of the Pez dispenser?

The Candies Were Round At First. Before settling on their trademark tile-shape,the candy was introduced by inventor Eduard Haas III with a circular design in 1927.

  • The Dispenser Was Meant To Curb Cigarette Smoking. The dispensers didn’t come around until designer Oscar Uxa whipped up the first ones in 1948.
  • There Was Originally Only One Flavor.
  • Where to buy Pez refills?

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    Who sells Pez candy refills?

    There are over two-dozen different Pez products available from Royal Wholesale, your number one wholesale candy distributor. This includes dispensers based on beloved brands like Disney and Spongebob Squarepants, those perfectly suited for seasonal sales such as the PEZ Halloween dispensers.