What is Ofed Mellanox?

What is Ofed Mellanox?

Mellanox OFED (MLNX_OFED) is a Mellanox-tested and packaged version of OFED, and supports RDMA (remote DMA) and kernel bypass APIs called OFED verbs over InfiniBand and Ethernet, allowing OEMs and System Integrators to meet the needs of end-users in their markets.

What is RoCE Mellanox?

RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) is a standard protocol which enables RDMA’s efficient data transfer over Ethernet networks allowing transport offload with hardware RDMA engine implementation, and superior performance. RDMA is a key capability natively used by the InfiniBand interconnect technology.

What is an RDMA driver?

RDMA is a networking technology that provides high-throughput, low-latency communication that minimizes CPU usage. NDK currently supports the following RDMA technologies: Infiniband (IB)

What kind of PCIe port does Mellanox mhmhqh29c-xtr have?

MHQH29C-XTR PCIe Gen2 5.0 GT/s 40Gb/s (QDR) Dual port Tall R-6 MT25408B0-FCCR-QI Rev 1.6 Overview 12 Mellanox Technologies

What is user manual for Mellanox connectx-2?

User Manual describes Mellanox Technologies ConnectX®-2 Single and Dual Port VPI InfiniBand and Ethernet PCI Express x8 adapter cards. It provides de tails as to the interfaces of the board, specifications, required software and firmware for operating the board, and relevant docu-

What is the serial number on the Mellanox adapter card?

Each Mellanox adapter card has a label on the print side that shows the card serial number, the card MAC for Ethernet protocol, and the card GUID for InfiniBand protocol. VPI cards have both a GUID and a MAC (derived from the GUID).

What are the specifications of the Mellanox ConnectX®-2 VPI single and dual port QSFP?

ConnectX®-2 VPI Single and Dual Port QSFP InfiniBand and Ethernet Adapter Card User Manual Rev 1.2 Mellanox Technologies 47 A.4 MHQH29C-X[ST]R Specifications Table 21 – Specifications for MHQH29C-X[ST]R Physical Power and Environmental Size: Air Flow: QSFP 40Gb/s Connector: 2.66in. x5.6 in. (67.5mm x 142.24 mm) 200LFM a a.