What is WWOOFing?

What is WWOOFing?

‘ Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOFING) facilitates a deep cultural exchange between farmer and tourist in the form of a working relationship within the context of the tourism industry.

What is WWOOFing in Spain?

WWOOFING in Spain is popular amongst long term travellers in Europe. Spanish WWOOFING offers tourists the opportunity to work on farms harvesting olives, weeding and taking care of livestock, amongst other responsibilities. You can find more information on the WWOOF Spain website.

What is a WWOOF farm?

The WWOOFING network then allows for farmers to be matched with volunteers. The farmer will provide accommodation (and usually food), and in exchange, the tourist will provide labour. There are some autonomous WWOOF farms that have no national WWOOF network. These farms are registered on the International WHOOF Association database as independents.

Is WWOOF a work agency?

WWOOF is not a work agency, nor should it be seen as providing a long term solution to meeting housing/employment needs. Please keep in mind that WWOOF is NOT paid work it is a cultural and educational exchange.