What is a key account?

What is a key account?

A Key Account is an account which makes sustainably repeat purchases from the supplier. The relationship between buyer and supplier in a key account is one of mutual dependence, with both working towards achieving a win-win outcome. Key Accounts are profitable.

Who is key account manager?

A key account manager is assigned to a company headquarters to oversee the account team assigned to a particular account. Key account management includes sales but also includes planning and managing the full relationship between a business and its most important customers.

What is key account manager job description?

The key account manager is responsible for handling the most important client accounts in a company. They will be the lead point of contact for all key client matters, anticipate the client’s needs, work within the company to ensure deadlines for the client are met, and help the client succeed.

What is the difference between account manager and key account manager?

Typically, Key Account Managers (KAM) oversee the largest customers in your company whereas account managers are responsible for looking after the rest of your customers. Both the account managers and key account managers are a part of the sales team and often works closely with the support and customer success team.

How do I find my key account?

How to identify key accounts

  1. Assess your customers against each criterion.
  2. Give a score of between 1 (very low) to 10 (very high).
  3. Apply a weighting too if some criteria are more important than others.
  4. Disregard irrelevant criteria or substitute your own.
  5. Add up each customer’s total score.

How do you create a key account?

10 Tips for Successful Key Account Management

  1. 1) Build Relationships That Acknowledge the Whole.
  2. 2) Be an Effective Liaison.
  3. 3) Understand Who Your Clients Are.
  4. 4) Be Proactive.
  5. 5) Be Reliable.
  6. 6) Lay out Clear Plans of Action.
  7. 7) Look to the Future.
  8. 8) Individualize Your Service.

What is key account job?

Main Responsibilities of a Key Account Manager Developing and managing a portfolio of Key Accounts. Achieving monthly sales targets by identifying and developing new customers. Ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction as well as up-sell and cross-sell potential within existing customers to maximize share of wallet.

How much do key account managers earn in South Africa?

The average key account manager salary in South Africa is R 450 000 per year or R 231 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 300 000 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 6 000 000 per year.

What qualifications do I need to be a Key Account Manager?

Key Account Manager Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, sales, or related field. Proven experience in key account management. Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications as well as CRM software. The ability to build rapport with key clients.

Is key account manager a sales job?

As noted earlier, key account management is a strategic program that encompasses the entire organization—not just sales. So the KAM will likely have contact with each level of the business to ensure the customer’s needs and expectations are properly met.

Why key account management is important?

One of the important benefits of key account management is getting a better understanding of the customer. Increase long-term customer value: The focus of key account management is adding value to customer relationships that will further lead to retention and realization of long-term customer value.

How do you win a key account?

7 Management Strategies to Help Win and Keep Your Most Important Accounts

  1. Use a Key Account Management Strategy.
  2. Define What a Key Account Is.
  3. Choose a Few Accounts Only.
  4. Establish the Right Numbers.
  5. Know Key Accounts Intimately and Touch Base Regularly.
  6. Provide Solutions, Not Sell Products.
  7. Sharpen the Saw Continuously.