Why Promag 50 PROFIBUS DP/pa id?

Why Promag 50 PROFIBUS DP/pa id?

Promag 50 PROFIBUS DP/PA Identification Endress+Hauser 9 2.2 Certificates and approvals The devices are designed to meet state-of-the-art safety requirements in accordance with sound engineering practice. They have been tested and left the factory in a condition in which they are safe to operate.

How to install Promag 50 PROFIBUS Endress+Hauser 45 panel-mounted installation?

Promag 50 PROFIBUS DP/PA Installation Endress+Hauser 45 Panel-mounted installation 1. Prepare the opening in the panel as illustrated in the graphic. 2. Slide the housing into the opening in the panel from the front. 3. Screw the fasteners onto the wall-mount housing. 4.

Can I use Promag 50 as a replacement for Promag 33?

If Promag 33 is already being operated in the system and if the device has to be replaced, Promag 50 can be used as a replacement device without having to reconfigure the PROFIBUS DP network. Further information →  85. 6.5.2 Selecting the GSD file in the measuring device

What is the device address for a PROFIBUS DP/PA measuring device?

The address must always be configured for a PROFIBUS DP/PA measuring device. The valid device addresses are in the range from 1 to 126. In a PROFIBUS DP/PA network, each address can only be assigned once. If an address is not configured correctly, the device is not recognized by the master.