How do I double space after a period in Word?

How do I double space after a period in Word?

To change the setting, open any Word document and click File > Options. Next, select Proofing > Settings. Scroll down to the “Punctuation Conventions” section, change the “Spaces Between Sentences” to “Two Spaces,” and then click the “OK” button.

Is double spacing after a period correct?

Nearly all style guides agree that one space is correct. The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) was the only style guide that overtly recommended two spaces after a period, and even that long-time holdout for two spaces changed its guideline to one space in its 2019 update.

Why you should never use two spaces after a period?

Monospaced type gives you text that looks “loose” and uneven; there’s a lot of white space between characters and words, so it’s more difficult to spot the spaces between sentences immediately. Because we’ve all switched to modern fonts, adding two spaces after a period no longer enhances readability, typographers say.

Do you put 1 space or 2 spaces after a period?

So which is it? According to the AP Stylebook, single-spacing is correct. The same goes for the Chicago Manual of Style. However, the Modern Language Association Style Center offers different advice, and suggests that writers use a single space after a period unless they have been explicitly told otherwise.

Why double spaces are wrong?

Do you put a space after a period?

While there are many formal rules for punctuation marks and formatting, it’s easy to get tripped up on whether to use one or two spaces after a period. Learn why two spaces were originally used after a period and why the general rule today is to use one space after a period.

How many spaces should I leave after a period?

There are only two answers to the question of how many spaces you should leave after a period. The answer is one space or two spaces. Three spaces would be ridiculous. MLA Style and APA Style have different recommendations but most style guides recommend using a single space.

How do you stop double spacing in word?

Click inside the body of the document,then press Ctrl+A to select the whole document.

  • Click the Home tab.
  • Click the Line and Paragraph Spacing button,then click 1.0.
  • How many spaces after a period?

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    How to delete extra spaces in Microsoft Word?

    Delete Extra Spaces Using Word’s Find and Replace Tool. 1. Select the Home tab. 2. Select Replace in the Editing group. 3. Ensure you are in the Replace tab in the Find and Replace dialog box. 4. Place your cursor in the Find what text box and press the space bar twice to add two spaces.