What kind of tray do you put on a ottoman?

What kind of tray do you put on a ottoman?

Your ottoman tray should be square or rectangular. These two shapes for ottoman trays as home decor offer a larger display surface plus more functionality. Oval or round trays are fashionable but fit fewer items. A square or rectangular shape also allows you to use the four-quadrant rule to display items easily.

Should I put a tray on my ottoman?

Including a tray on your ottoman gives you a flat surface for you to stack, store and organize items with some order and symmetry. Decorative trays make the scale of your table a little smaller so your table doesn’t look like a block of fabric or color.

How big should a tray be on an ottoman?

If you do not have a coffee table, an ottoman tray is a great way to make an ottoman more functional and turn it into a coffee table. It is important for the tray shape to mirror the shape of the ottoman and the size should be bigger than half the dimensions of the ottoman.

What are ottoman trays used for?

The Best Ottoman Trays An ottoman is a versatile addition to your living room, and you can use it as a seat, footrest, or just a place to hold your remotes. Another great way to expand its uses is to top it with an ottoman tray, which basically turns your ottoman into a coffee table.

Can ottoman be used as coffee table?

The ottoman is one of the most versatile furniture pieces in the home, making it that much more fun to style. The ottoman, when used as a multi-purpose coffee table, lends a comforting, casual appeal to your living room design. The height of your ottoman should be within 4 inches of the couch or chair that it serves.

Does an ottoman have to match the couch?

You should coordinate the ottoman with your sofa, but it does not need to match exactly. Here are the best options for pairing your ottoman with your sofa: Mix solid colors with patterns. Mix and match solid colors.

Can you have two ottomans?

ottomans, cubes, poufs or hassocks or what they are upholstered with or their style. When you decorate your space by placing two identical ottomans side by side in a room – you create not only decorative interest, but also versatility and multi-function.

How do you style an ottoman?

Style an ottoman with multiple trays

  1. Try an eclectic mix of colors shapes sizes and patterns.
  2. Use a square, round or rectangular tray.
  3. Add organic materials of wood and fabric.
  4. Stack books that match your interest or hobby.
  5. Use found objects as accessories.
  6. Make a bold statement with oversized accessories.

How much do Ottoman coffee tables with tray cost?

Because of the removable lids, ottoman coffee tables with tray are also usually storage ottomans Design Features: square, round or rectangular shaped, fitted or built-in tray, with 4 compartments, 4 reversible lids with serving trays, flat table top surface Price Range: $ 41.99 to $ 289.99

What can you do with a storage Ottoman?

This storage ottoman has plenty of storage for anything you have laying around. The included tray can transform this seating… will add a versatile and functional piece of furniture to your living space. With a tufted top and detailed stitching, this ottoman has a sleek modern feel.

What makes this Ottoman your favorite piece of functional furniture?

This durable ottoman is covered in supple bi-cast leather upholstery and rests on sturdy birch… will become your favorite piece of functional furniture thanks to the durable lid that flips over to reveal a sturdy tray. This charming ottoman is completed in soft, textured fabric upholstery with a…

How do you use a foot Ottoman in a living room?

A foot ottoman with storage in front of the sofa makes a great place to rest your legs while reading or watching television. Stow extra throw pillows and blankets inside so they’re within reach when you need them. For a casual alternative to the traditional coffee table, consider an ottoman with tray.