How long do Feetures socks last?

How long do Feetures socks last?

Some also write that these socks don’t last long like they used to. One review revealed they lasted “only a few months.” This Feetures socks review recommends sizing up to avoid this issue.

Do all Feetures socks have left and right?

All Women’s Socks They feature Targeted Compression, zone specific compression where you need it most for superior comfort and support. As a result they have an anatomical design, meaning they conform to the left and right structure of the foot.

Can you dry Feetures socks?

Hang to dry. No bleach or fabric softeners. For best results, wash inside out.

What size Feetures should I get?

Sizing. Our socks are unisex and fit according to shoe size. If you size up your running shoes, we recommend you go by your casual shoe size. Although the Lycra in our products contracts when it is exposed to water and heat in the wash, it has incredible properties, so Feetures!

What is an elite sock?

The Elite series boasts the added innovation of anatomical design, meaning each sock conforms to each foot (we know, it’s cool). Through targeted and zone-specific compression, these socks will conform to meet the unique needs of your right and your left foot. Here’s why our Elite sock is superior:

Why feetures socks?

Bright and Bold colours for Autumn. Feetures reinvented the sock to help you perform your best. Zone specific compression where you need it most for superior fit and support. Conforms to left and right structure of the foot providing enhanced fit and reduced risk of blisters.

What are the most popular socks for men?

Undoubtedly our most popular sock, the men’s Elite line keeps comfort and style top-of-mind. Whether you’re sprinting on the track or to the boardroom, your feet will have the support they need. When purchasing athletic socks, blister prevention, support, and moisture-wicking must come first, or you won’t go far at all.

Are your socks designed specifically for my left or right foot?

Yes, our Elite socks are designed specifically for your left or right foot, which helps achieve our custom-like fit, keeps your socks from slipping down, and prevents blisters. Don’t worry – they’re labeled with “L” and “R,” so you’ll always know which is which.