Who owns Inniskillin Wines?

Who owns Inniskillin Wines?


Inniskillin Niagara
Key people Donald Ziraldo, Karl Kaiser
Parent company Constellation Brands
Known for Icewine
Varietals Vidal (grape), Riesling, Cabernet Franc

Who started Inniskillin Winery?

The site of this 30 acre vineyard is located on Line 3, across from the existing winery and was purchased in 1978 by Albrecht Seeger and his family who still operate it. Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser founded Inniskillin Wines Inc.

Which countries make ice wine?

Who Makes Ice Wine? Canada is the world’s largest producer of ice wine. In fact, Canada produces more ice wine than all other countries combined! Germany and Austria come in second and third, respectively, and there are tiny ice wine operations in other countries, including the United States, Italy, and Japan.

Can you age ice wine?

As with any other wine, good cellar conditions (constant, cool temperature) are crucial to allow the wine to develop its full potential. Icewines can be enjoyed in their youth or aged for many years.

What is the most expensive ice wine?

The 10ha winery in Vineland, Ontario has produced the world’s first Meritage Icewine. Meritage, a term coined in California, is a New World wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. A 37.5cl bottle costs CAN$395 (€246).

Why is alcohol called plonk?

Plonk is a non-specific and derogatory term used primarily in Commonwealth English for cheap, low-quality wine. It is believed to come from Australian slang, in reference to blanc (the French word for “white”), before it became naturalised in Britain.

Who is Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser?

Donald J.P. Ziraldo is a Canadian winemaker and businessman, and a Member of the Order of Canada. He and his partner/winemaker Karl J. Kaiser have often been hailed as two of the most important figures in Canadian wine history.

What did Cristiano Ziraldo do for Canada?

In 1998, Ziraldo was invested as a Member of the Order of Canada, the highest tribute paid to its citizens, and he also received an honorary Doctorate of Laws (LL.D.) from Brock University. In 1999, the National Post Magazine chose Ziraldo as one of the top twenty-five Canadian CEOs of the century.

How did Gianni Ziraldo start his winery?

In the spring of 1974, Ziraldo was determined to start a winery after he and Karl Kaiser, an Austrian-born wine-maker who had immigrated to Canada a few years earlier, found the wines in Ontario to be “undrinkable”.

What is Ziraldo icewine?

Donald Ziraldo, who pioneered ice wine in North America, is back with a new, more refined product, his Ziraldo Icewine Donald Ziraldo opened Inniskillin, Ontario’s first winery since Prohibition, in 1975.