Where to fish on the Kapiti coast?

Where to fish on the Kapiti coast?

There are three major rivers on the Kapiti Coast; the Waikanae, the Otaki and the Ohau. Each offers anglers a variety of opportunities to catch brown trout. Anglers!

Can you fish in Cook Strait?

For example, full-day trips can see you fishing the Cook Strait for bluenose, hoki, bass and groper, while half-day trips to the south coast generally result in blue cod, tarakihi, kingfish and other species.

Can you fish Waikanae Beach?

The beaches are also home to some large paddle crabs, which can be caught year-round. Waikanae is famous for some of the largest and tastiest paddle-crabs in New Zealand. A beach torpedo is a great way to fish the sweeping sandy beaches to the south of Paraparaumu.

Where can I fish in Porirua?

Fishing spots near Porirua Harbour (Pauatahanui Arm)

  • © Mapbox, © OpenStreetMap. Ivey Bay. Wellington,
  • Browns Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Onehunga Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Karehana Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Rocky Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Hongoeka Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.
  • Tirau Bay. Wellington, New Zealand.

Can you dive at Kapiti Island?

Diving and snorkelling On the exposed seaward side of the island, the reef extends to 25 m and divers can pass through the underwater Hole-in-the-Wall. Kapiti’s waters include reef fish like blue moki, kingfish and various rays and sometimes rare and subtropical fish such as the spotted black groper.

Can you fish on Kapiti Island?

The area around Kapiti Island provides good fishing – but you must stay clear of the reserves which are there to allow the fish to breed. You may not land on Kapiti Island without permission because of its status as a nature reserve.

Where is Fishermans Wellington?

The only offshore hazard in the middle of Cook Strait is Fisherman’s Rock. This rock is almost midway between Cape Koamaru and Mana Island. It has a clearance over it of approximately 10m and is unlikely to be hit by cruising boats.

How do you get a blue nose?

The best way to catch Bluenose is Jigging, as when you find the fish, the jig goes down faster and straighter than baits do, and they are not as influenced by tide as baits are. The bigger the Jig the better. Always use a large assist hook, no longer than 4 to 5 inches.

Can you fish in Porirua Harbour?

While the fishing in the harbour is not as good as in the past, there are definitely fish in the harbour. Fishers particularly like the entrances to both arms of the harbour.

How far is Kapiti Island Offshore?

about 5 km
Kapiti Island ([kɑːpiti]) is an island about 5 km (3 mi) off the west coast of the lower North Island of New Zealand.

Is Kapiti Island a marine reserve?

Kapiti Marine Reserve—the fourth marine reserve established in New Zealand—was implemented in 1992 to protect nationally significant recreation, education, ecological and scientific resources, including some of the finest underwater scenery in the Wellington region.

What do blue nose eat?

Bluenose have extremely large eyes to see prey in the dark depths of their normal habitat. They love to feed on squid, the large eyes helping them see these fast moving prey. This could also be part of the reason why broadies like to hang around bluenose schools, as squid is also a favourite food of the broadbill.

Where is the best snapper fishing on the Kapiti Coast?

Snapper fishing further north up the Kapiti Coast has been pretty solid, and there are good fish right in to 5 metres, so this should only get better with warmer water. This will also apply to the east coast of Wellingtons outer fishing limits, where albacore tuna are there to be caught out from Tora, as well as a few sightings of broadbill.

What makes the Kapiti Coast so special to fish?

There are so many factors that make the Kapiti Coast a special place to fish, but one of the standouts is the stunning coastline. It is usually more sheltered than windy Wellington, surprisingly for a West Coast fishing location, and also has a slightly warmer climate than its capital neighbour.

Where are the best fishing spots in New Zealand?

On Wellington’s West Coast between Mana and Kapiti Island. Pictured is the South Island taken while anchored on Hunters Bank on a beautiful evening’s fishing trip. Hunters Bank offers a large variety of fish that can be caught, from Kingfish, Snapper, Tarakihi, Groper and Warehou just to name a few.

Where can I find Kingfish and Snapper?

Out west places like Hunters, Pukerua, Mana bridge, Boom Rock and Kapiti have all head there fair share of kingfish and the snapper have been good up and down the coast. I’ve heard of a few bluenose getting caught at the trench but that’s about it from the south coast.