Where can I buy moules frites in Brussels?

Where can I buy moules frites in Brussels?

6 places to gorge on mussels in Brussels

  • Le Zinneke. As a moules-frite destination, one should know that the chefs at this restaurant prepare mussels in 69 different ways.
  • Chez Leon.
  • Le Chou de Bruxelles.
  • Au Vieux Bruxelles.
  • In’t Spinnekopke.
  • Noordzee.

Where can I eat moules in Brussels?

Brussels’ best mussels

  • Le Chou de Bruxelles. Rue de Florence 26, 1050. Website.
  • Chez Léon. Rue des Bouchers 18, 1000. Website.
  • Aux Armes de Bruxelles. Rue des Bouchers 13, 1000. Website.
  • François. Quai aux Briques 2, 1000. Website.
  • Taverne du Passage. Galerie de la Reine 30, 1000. Website.
  • Friture René Place de la Résistance 17, 1070.

Is moules frites from Belgium?

Moules frites is a match made in Belgium. Cheap and plentiful, they were originally considered food for the poor, and they’ve long been paired with fried potatoes at the country’s famous fry shops, known as friteries in French and freetkoten in Dutch, the language of Flemish Belgium.

How do you eat Belgian mussels?

You usually also get a second dish in which to place the shells after you’ve enjoyed the mussels. And, some connoisseurs will tell you the way to eat your mussels is by sucking out the flesh from the first pair of shells, then using those shells as tongs to pick out the flesh from the others.

What food is Brussels known for?

Belgian Food: 5 Must-Try Dishes in Brussels

  • Moules-frites. Moules-frites is the unofficial national dish in Belgium and can be found everywhere almost year-round.
  • Belgian Fries (aka Frieten or Frites) When it comes to fries, there’s no better place than Belgium to eat them.
  • Waterzooi.
  • Stoemp.
  • Belgian Waffles.

Why is Brussels famous for mussels?

It comes as no surprise that Belgians developed a taste for les moules. Once considered the poor man’s meat, mussels are now sometimes referred to ‘black gold’ given to the high demand. Connoisseurs will tell you that the best mussels come from the Scheldt, a shallow river connecting Western Belgium to the Netherlands.

Is moules frites French?

Moules-frites or moules et frites (French pronunciation: ​[mul. fʁit]]; Dutch: mosselen-friet) is a main dish of mussels and fries originating in Belgium. The title of the dish is French, moules meaning mussels and frites fries, with the Dutch name for the dish meaning the same.

Do the French eat mussels?

The blogger explained that French people eat their mussels by removing the meat from the first mussel with a fork, and then using the empty shell as a “pair of tongs” to pull the meat from another mussel.

How do you eat moules?

The best way is to take one of the empty pairs of shells between your fingers and use them like tweezers to pluck the other mussels from their shells. After eating the mussels, you can use a spoon to eat some of the broth, or even soak some up with bread.

What’s the national dish of Belgium?

Moules-frites / mosselen met friet: mussels cooked or steamed with onions and celery served with fries. The recipe has often been referred to as the country’s national dish but is also popular in the neighboring Nord region of France.

What is the most popular food in Brussels?