What is wrong with the Pebble Mine?

What is wrong with the Pebble Mine?

The Pebble Mine—proposed at the headwaters of the planet’s greatest wild salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska—threatens the communities and ecosystems that depend on the bay’s abundant wildlife. It’s also a terrible investment, pitting an eternal supply of food against an eternal supply of poison.

Why is the Pebble Mine good?

Supporters say the project, known as the Pebble Mine, would be an economic boost for a remote region that has missed out on the North Slope oil boom and other resource-extraction development in the state over the past half century. The mine will be located in two watersheds that feed fish-spawning rivers.

Is the Pebble Mine dead?

The short answer is yes. In shooting-down Pebble’s mitigation plan on November 25, the Army Corps essentially issued a death sentence to the Pebble mine. And that means extinguishing all mining claims in the region, and installing permanent safeguards that protect wild Alaska salmon habitat for generations to come.

Who is behind Pebble Mine?

Northern Dynasty Minerals
Pebble Mine

Discovered 1988
Company Northern Dynasty Minerals
Website Pebble project webpage

How much gold is in the Pebble Mine?

According to developer Pebble Limited Partnership (owned by Canadian company Northern Dynasty Minerals), the deposit area contains 80.6 billion pounds of copper, 107.4 million ounces of gold and 5.6 billion pounds of molybdenum. It is worth an estimated $400 billion.

Is the Pebble Mine approved?

The EPA can take a second look at its decision to withdraw proposed pollution limits for the Pebble Mine in Alaska’s Bristol Bay region, a federal court in the state said in a ruling that vacated the agency’s action.

How much is the Pebble Mine worth?

How much will the Pebble Mine make?

The Pebble Partnership estimates the 20-year mine will make just $1 billion in profit.

How much money would the Pebble Mine make?

How much is Pebble worth?

Pebble went from Kickstarter to being worth $740 million to being bought by Fitbit (FIT) for $40 million — Quartz.

What is the current status of the Pebble Mine?

Destructive Bristol Bay mega-mine is all but dead following EPA’s re-start in 2021 of Clean Water Act 404(c) process for region’s lasting protection, long sought by Bristol Bay tribes and communities.

How many jobs will the Pebble Mine create?

A mine developed at the world-class Pebble project is expected to support as many as 1,000 full-time, direct jobs during mine operations, with average annual wages and benefits topping $100,000.

Why is Pebble Mine controversial?

The proposed Pebble Minewas on the verge of winning a key permit from the Trump administration despite concerns from environmentalists that it could significantly damage Alaska’s world-renowned sockeye salmon fishery in nearby Bristol Bay.

Where is Pebble Mine located?

The Pebble project is expected to produce a total of 7.4 billion pounds of copper, 398 million pounds of molybdenum, and 12.1 million ounces of gold over the initial mine life. The Pebble mine is located in permafrost-free terrain near Iliamna Lake in southwest Alaska, approximately 322km southwest of Anchorage and 97km west of Cook Inlet.

Is there gold mine in Alaska?

The mine site is located primarily on State of Alaska and the Mental Health Trust lands. The mine is wholly owned by Kinross Gold Corporation. The mine opened in 1996 and in 2019 produced 200,263 troy ounces (6,228.9 kg) of gold.

Will Pebble Mine be built?

“The United States Environmental Protection Agency has just killed the Pebble Mine in Alaska. It will not be built,” Friedland said Wednesday during a presentation at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium Vancouver. Last Friday, the EPA suggested it might invoke a little used provision that may block the mine’s construction.