What is unique about thulium?

What is unique about thulium?

Thulium is one of the rarest of the rare earth metals. This silver-gray metals share many common properties with other lanthanides but also displays some unique characteristics. Like other rare earths, it is malleable and ductile. Thulium has a silvery appearance.

What is thulium used for?

Thulium has been used to create lasers. When stable thulium (Tm-169) is bombarded in a nuclear reactor it can later serve as a radiation source in portable X-ray devices. It also has potential use in ceramic magnetic materials called ferrites, which are used in microwave equipment.

What are 3 interesting facts about Scandium?

Fun Scandium Facts

  • Scandium is a silvery-white relatively light and soft metal at room temperature.
  • Scandium is used in alloys much like aluminum.
  • Scandium is considered a rare-earth element because it is often found in rare-earth ores.
  • Scandium is the 35th most abundant element in the Earth’s crust.

How much does thulium cost?

Thulium metal costs $50/g. Thulium can be isolated by reduction of the oxide with lanthanum metal or by calcium reduction of a closed container. The element is silver-gray, soft, malleable, and ductile, and can be cut with a knife.

What are 5 interesting facts about thulium?

Facts About Thulium

  • Atomic Number: 69 Atomic Symbol: Tm Atomic Weight: 168.93421 Melting Point: 2,813 F (1,545 C) Boiling Point: 3,542 F (1,950 C)
  • Word origin: Thulium is named for Thule, the earliest name for Scandinavia.
  • Discovery: This rare earth was discovered by Sweedish chemist Per Teodor Cleve in 1879.

Who discovered thulium?

Per Teodor Cleve

What are some fun facts about titanium?

6 Surprising Facts About Titanium

  • #1) It’s Twice as Strong as Aluminum.
  • #2) It’s Naturally Resistant to Corrosion.
  • #3) It Doesn’t Occur Naturally.
  • #4) It’s Used for Medical Implants.
  • #5) Only 0.63% of the Earth’s Crust Is Titanium.
  • #6) It Has a High Melting Point.

What is an interesting fact about yttrium?

Interesting Yttrium Facts: This mineral was found in Ytterby, Sweden, giving it its name. In 1828, Friedrich Wohler extracted an impure sample of yttrium by reducing anhydrous chloride and potassium. Yttrium is a transition metal that is often called a rare earth element.

What is thulium found in?


How many shells does thulium have?

Data Zone

Classification: Thulium is a lanthanide and rare earth metal
Protons: 69
Neutrons in most abundant isotope: 100
Electron shells: 2,8,18,31,8,2
Electron configuration: [Xe] 4f13 6s2

How strong is thulium?

Thulium is a strong paramagnet above 56 K (−217 °C, or −359 °F). Between 56 and 32 K (−241 °C, or −402 °F) the metal is antiferromagnetic with a sinusoidally modulated magnetic structure along the c-axis of its crystal structure, and below 32 K thulium is ferrimagnetic. The periodic table is made up of 118 elements.

What are 6 uses of titanium?

Due to the characteristics of titanium and titanium alloys, they have unique advantages in the application of ships and marine equipment, so they are widely used in nuclear submarines, deep submersibles, atomic energy icebreakers, hydrofoil ships, hovercrafts, minesweepers and propellers, seawater pipelines, condensers …

What does thulium smell like?

Tellurium is hardly ever used in pure form, but these beautiful slender crystals are how it is distributed. Research is hindered by the fact that if you absorb even tiny amounts, you smell of garlic for months. Scroll down to see examples of Tellurium.

What does thulium mean?

What does thulium mean? A bright, soft, silvery rare-earth metal obtained commercially from monazite, having an x-ray emitting isotope that is u…

What are important uses for thulium?

It is used for laser manufacturing and for surgical purposes.

  • Thulium is used as a source of radiation from portable X-ray devices and in nuclear reactions.
  • Despite being slightly expensive,superconductors of high temperature use thulium.
  • It is used for manufacturing ferrites,ceramic magnetic materials for microwave items.
  • Thulium is a chemical element having an atomic number 69 with the symbol Tm,discovered by Theodor Cleve in the year 1879.

  • It is the thirteenth element in the lanthanide series in the periodic table.
  • The element is barely traced purely in nature but it is traced in minute amounts in minerals with other rare earth metals.