What is the miracle of Calcutta?

What is the miracle of Calcutta?

Bengal Polls 2021: Gandhi Bhavan, where “Miracle of Calcutta” took place in 1947. Mahatma Gandhi during his 73-hour fast in 1947 to broker peace between warring communities after Independence.

Which places are in East Kolkata?

It includes the localities of Metropolitan Township, Dhapa, Tangra, Bantala, Topsia, Tiljala, VIP Nagar, Anandapur, Kalikapur, Mukundapur, Ajoy Nagar, Panchasayar and certain parts of Garia like Baishnabghata-Patuli Township, Chak Garia, Nayabad and New Garia.

What functions do the East Kolkata Wetlands perform?

The wetlands cover 125 square kilometres and include salt marshes, and agricultural fields, sewage farms and settling ponds. The wetlands are also used to treat Kolkata’s sewage, and the nutrients contained in the wastewater sustain fish farms and agriculture.

How many wetlands are there in West Bengal?

Survey of Sixteen Major Wetlands of West Bengal and their associated flora & fauna from an ecological perspective | naturewildlife.

Why does Gandhi go to Calcutta?

On August 15, 1947, Mahatma Gandhi was in Calcutta to bring peace to that great city and to the whole of Bengal, where for over a year, Muslims and Hindus had been thirsty for each other’s blood.

Where is Mohandas Gandhi from?

Porbandar, India
Mahatma Gandhi/Place of birth

Which is better north or south Kolkata?

The way the residents think and feel has a huge impact on the overall lifestyle and this is again where the North and South Kolkatans differ. The people of North Kolkata are more connected with their roots and look forward to preserving the Bengali culture. On the other hand, South Kolkata is way too cool.

What are the areas under South Kolkata?

South Kolkata developed mainly after India gained independence in the year 1947. It includes upscale neighbourhoods such as Ballygunge, Alipore, New Alipore, Lansdowne, Bhawanipore, Kalighat, Gariahat, Charu Market, Chetla, Jodhpur Park, Lake Gardens, South City, Jadavpur, Dhakuria and Tollygunge.

Why is East Kolkata wetlands called the kidney of Kolkata?

The sewage water is filtered with the help of a bamboo mesh designed, developed and placed by the people. The water body also acts as a refuge for the migratory birds and is therefore, an important global wetland (Ramsar site) which acts as a kidney and lifeline for Kolkata.

Which river is connected with wetland of East Kolkata?

Development of such a system to treat sewage has been possible because the city of Calcutta (now Kolkata) is located between the river Hooghly, a distributary of the Ganga on its west and numerous wetlands on its east.

Which state has largest wetland in India?

Which state has the largest area of wetlands in India? Notes: In India, the total wetlands is 8.13%. Amongst the States, Gujarat has the largest area of wetlands within-country followed by West Bengal.

Which is the largest wetland in India?

Sunderbans Wetland
Largest and Smallest and Oldest Ramsar Sites of India

Largest Ramsar Sites of India
Ramsar Site State Area in Sq. km
1) Sunderbans Wetland West Bengal 4230
2) Vembanad Kol Wetland Kerala 1512
3) Chilka Lake Orissa 1165