What is the difference between ADHD and HSP?

What is the difference between ADHD and HSP?

They are, however, inherently different. ADHD is a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, and/or impulsivity. Sensory processing sensitivity, meanwhile, is proposed to be a biological temperament trait observed in people who are more sensitive to environmental and social stimuli.

Are ADHD people super sensitive?

Often, people with ADHD are also highly sensitive to environmental stimuli. They may have a disproportionate reaction to sounds, smells, tactile sensations or certain visual stimuli. For example, they may have strong reactions to loud noises, flashing lights, or the feel of certain fabrics.

Is HSP and SPD the same?

HSPs may may appear similar to individuals with SPD in terms of over-responsivity A key difference between the two, however, would be that a person with HSP does not typically experience problems doing everyday activities or can learn how to adapt their responses to do them, which is not always the case for children …

Are HSP highly intelligent?

Certainly an HSP has the potential for expressing a very unique form of intelligence, based on observing subtleties, processing them thoroughly, and perhaps finding intuitive and creative solutions. I am reasonably confident that on the average HSPs and non-HSPs are equally intelligent, even if in different ways.

How do I stop being hypersensitive?

How to Stop Being So Sensitive

  1. Realize that it’s most likely not about you.
  2. Give silence a try.
  3. Be realistic.
  4. Value your own approval.
  5. Understand that negative feelings take time and effort to maximize.
  6. Practice controlling your emotions.
  7. Keep your attention in the present.

How do you treat sensory processing sensitivity?

SPD treatment often means working with an occupational therapist on activities that help retrain the senses….Treating SPD with Therapy

  1. Physical therapy using a sensory integration approach (PT-SI)
  2. Vision therapy to improve eye-motor skills for people who have trouble reading, merging into traffic, or writing.

Does ADHD make you cry easily?

People who have ADHD frequently experience emotions so deeply that they become overwhelmed or “flooded.” They may feel joy, anger, pain, or confusion in a given situation—and the intensity may precede impulsive behaviors they regret later.

Is ADHD on the autism spectrum?

Autism spectrum disorder and ADHD are related in several ways. ADHD is not on the autism spectrum, but they have some of the same symptoms. And having one of these conditions increases the chances of having the other. Experts have changed the way they think about how autism and ADHD are related.

Is highly sensitive a disability?

Although high sensitivity is not defined as a disability, in much of our fast-paced, always-on culture, it can be disabling. If their environment is not adapted to their differently wired brains, highly sensitive people are at risk of developing mental and physical health problems.

Is highly sensitive person a medical diagnosis?

There are common characteristics of being a HSP like being easily overwhelmed, being upset by violence on TV, and identifying as deeply emotional. Remember, being highly sensitive is not a disorder or diagnosis; rather, it is a personality trait.

What is the best job for a highly sensitive person?

The 40 Best Jobs and Careers For Highly Sensitive People

  1. Family Medicine Physician.
  2. Psychologist.
  3. Therapists.
  4. Online Media Writer.
  5. Social Work Case Manager.
  6. Graphic Designer.
  7. Professor at a Small University.
  8. Graphic Arts Librarian.

What are the traits of a highly sensitive person?

The positive traits of people that are highly sensitive include emotional awareness, empathy for others, the ability to pick up on small cues that others miss, dedication to fairness and justice, passionate and innovative thinking, and an ability to demonstrate good leadership through valuing others.