What is an RC car?

What is an RC car?

Remote-controlled cars and licensed model cars are an important part of our product program. The RC Cars are available on scales from 1:5 to 1:32 and in diverse versions like the RC Buggy , Monster Truck, etc. The model car is deliverable with different drive types. Very popular is the RC Car with electric drive.

What do we offer in our RC car online shop?

We offer here the leading brands, the necessary accessories and the spare and tuning parts directly from stock. RC Car models we offer in our RC Car Modellbau Online Shop in different sizes and designs both with electric and with combustion engine.

Where to buy RC models and tuning parts?

RC-Race-Shop.de offers you a large selection of models and tuning parts for your RC model building hobby. In our assortment you will find your remote-controlled car, no matter if buggy, monstertruck or smooth track. In addition you will find here accessories, bodies and tyres for remote-controlled cars and RC remote controls.

Are the RC models fully mobile?

The models are fully mobile according to their originals. The highlight is the remote control of the RC versions, with which the models can be driven like real RC cars. Walkera Pamkuu – the Kungfu robot with app control!

RC cars are one of the coolest inventions of the 20th century and today many people have bought these (either for themselves or their kids). Either you are a beginner or an experienced player, this review of the 10 best RC cars will introduce you to some really popular remote control car models of 2021 – both assembled and un-assembled.

What are the best RC cars on Amazon?

The Rock Crawler remote control car has over 2000 plus reviews on Amazon and most of them are positive thus making this model one of the best RC cars available. The main features of this car is that it delivers a power packed performance and has two motors, low gears and TPE tires. 2. Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme

Why choose Horizon Hobby RC cars?

The Horizon Hobby selection of RC Cars & RC Trucks are quality built and designed for maximum performance, speed, durability, and fun. We have ready-to-run RC vehicles for beginners along with custom build models of RC cars, trucks, drifters, and more.

Do you have any RC vehicles for beginners?

We have ready-to-run RC vehicles for beginners along with custom build models of RC cars, trucks, drifters, and more. Check out the best remote control products from Horizon Hobby!