What is a library annex?

What is a library annex?

The Library Annex is a high-density storage facility for low-use library materials.

What time does the annex close TAMU?

Opening Hours

Previous Next Dec 12 Sunday Dec 13 Monday
Maps Services Closed 9am – 11am
Sterling C. Evans Library Annex 12pm – 12am 24 Hours
The Studio 1pm – 6pm 8am – 5pm
Qatar 9am – 5pm 9am – 5pm

When was Evans library built?

The five-story library was built in 1968 and named in 1975 for Sterling C. Evans, class of 1921 and Board of Directors’ president from 1963 to 1964. The library absorbed the north east side of Cushing Memorial Library (1932), which now holds the university archives among other collections.

How do I reserve a room at Evans?

To make a reservation select an available timeslot from the availability grid and then select the desired duration from the dropdown menu below the grid. You have reached the end of the bookable window. No availability will be shown past this point.

Where is the Cornell Library Annex?

The Library Annex is located on Bookbank Drive (take Route 366 to Palm Rd, near the Cornell apple orchard).

Are libraries open in Erie County?

Buffalo & Erie County Public Libraries are now open to the public!

Are TAMU libraries open to the public?

All are welcome to use the Texas A&M Libraries’ collections by visiting us in person and using material within our buildings. Borrowing privileges for individuals not currently affiliated with the University are limited and may vary depending on the library used.

What are the library hours at Texas A&M?

Evans 979-845-3731

« Previous Next » Feb 06 Sunday Feb 11 Friday
Sterling C. Evans Library 12pm – 2am 8am – 8pm
AskUs (chat, email, text, phone) 6pm – 10pm 10am – 5pm
Administrative Offices Closed 8am – 5pm
Maps Services Closed By Appointment

Who is Cushing library named after?

Col. Edward Benjamin Cushing
The library was built in 1930 and named after Col. Edward Benjamin Cushing, class of 1880. He bequeathed his collection of engineering books. Cushing was chairman of both the Board of Directors and alumni association from 1896 to 1899.

What is the name of the main library at Texas A&M?

Evans Library and Library Annex
Texas A&M University Libraries

Evans Library and Library Annex
Country United States
Type Academic library
Established 1930

Where can I study on campus TAMU?

Study Spaces

  • Evans Annex Group Rooms.
  • Evans Library Group Rooms.
  • Evans Library Individual Rooms.
  • MSL Reservations.

How do you print with Aggie?

To get started, send a file you want to print to [email protected]. All Texas A&M students, faculty, and staff can use AggiePrint. Mobile printing is available from anywhere. Once you submit your print job via email, you can pick up the printouts at any mobile-enabled print kiosk.