What does master Thief do in ff9?

What does master Thief do in ff9?

Master Thief
Increases the chance to steal the rarest two items from an enemy’s steal set to 1/8 apiece.
Characters Stones Required
50AP 5

What does master thief do FFX?

Master Thief Basic Information Master Thief is an Armor Auto-Ability for the game Final Fantasy X. Its effect steal only rare items. It can be customized to an armor by using 30 Pendulums.

What does bandit do in ffix?

Raises success rate of Steal.

Why is stealing important in ff9?

The most important ones are ones that provide copies of rare equipment, such as from the bosses in memoria. In general steals from bosses only provide you with copies of equipment that you can buy incrementally later in the game (and cost nothing).

How many times can you steal ff9?

Normally only one item can be stolen, but the Thief’s Cuffs also enables stealing multiple items at once; the game first checks for the rare item, and if that is successful, the game still checks for the other items as well, and the player has a chance of getting items from multiple categories simultaneously.

Where can I get no encounter FFX?

There are a few ways to obtain the No Encounters auto-ability which are listed below.

  • Customizing armor using Purifying Salt (easiest method)
  • Dropped armor from a Ghost enemy in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth.
  • Dropped weapon from Geosgaeno at Baaj Temple.
  • Stolen from Abaddons or Hornets at the Monster Arena.

What does level up do ff9?

Final Fantasy IX Level Up is a support ability learned by everyone. It is learned through Iron Helm, Egoist’s Armlet, Fairy Earrings, Pearl Rouge, and Rosetta Ring. It increases the experience earned by 1.5, rounded down.

What does add status do ff9?

Final Fantasy IX When the Add Status support ability is equipped, there is a small chance to inflict the target with the equipped weapon’s status.

How many times can Rikku steal?

This trophy is very direct in its wording; with Rikku successfully steal items 200 times. Rikku starts with the “Steal” ability and you can steal from every enemy in the game. This trophy can also be earned by using the “Mug” ability. So keep stealing and this trophy will pop on the 200th successful steal.

How does luck work in FFX?

Final Fantasy X. Luck affects evasion, accuracy, the character’s chance of critically hitting, and the enemy’s chance of critically hitting. It can only be upgraded via the use of a Fortune Sphere to activate a Luck node on the Sphere Grid.

What does mastermaster thief actually do?

Master Thief raises the rarest of items up to 32/256 chance. this is false considering I raise the spirit and success rate is on point. Zidane steals everything, sometimes even the best items first, and thi is with no master theif equipped.

What is the difference between master thief and spirit?

Spirit does nothing more than allow you to even attempt to steal if your level is lower than the enemy’s. If you have the Bandit skill, spirit does nothing at all for stealing. Each item has a hard coded success rate. Master Thief raises the rarest of items up to 32/256 chance.

How do active abilities work in Final Fantasy IX?

In Final Fantasy IX, active abilities are learned by a single character (or, at most, two). Some of them are magical, some are physical, and some help the party out in some other way, but the common thread is that they must all be actively used by the character.