What can you do in Mabinogi?

What can you do in Mabinogi?

Mabinogi is a beautiful world, and the possibilities are endless! You can learn to cook, become an alchemist, sew clothes and sell them for profit or make yourself look stylish! You can raise crops, get part time jobs, fish and even get pets to summon! Learn to tame animals, and become an herbalist!

Is Mabinogi under maintenance?

Mabinogi Game Server is currently under maintenance.

What generation is Mabinogi on?

Mabinogi Professional consists currently of Generations 1-13.

Can you play Mabinogi on phone?

During the past 14 years, many Milesians have visited, and it is another world where the journey of Milesians still continues. Now, we can enjoy Mabinogi not only on PC, but also start a new journey through the mobile.

Is Mabinogi open world?

Mabinogi: Fantasy Life Gameplay Android / iOS (Open World MMORPG) (TW) – YouTube.

How popular is Mabinogi?


Month Avg. Players % Gain
December 2020 553.4 +26.07%
November 2020 438.9 +2.04%
October 2020 430.1 -21.18%
September 2020 545.7 +1.90%

What is rebirth in Mabinogi?

Rebirth is an important feature in Mabinogi. With Rebirth, players have the option to reset the age, gender, appearance, and level of their character.

How many GB is Mabinogi?

Hard Drive: Capacity that can store the patch or personal play data (10GB or more – based on 2016.4. 28 standard) Network:Broadband internet connection.

Will mabinogi be shut down?

Sad news for any MMORPG fans in Southeast Asia, since Mabinogi: Fantasy Life SEA is about to close its server in June due to a contract that will expire soon. Starting May 15, 2020, Mabinogi is no longer available on the App Store and Google Play Store, and its top-up channel will also be removed.

How many Mabinogi players are there?

As of 2020, the game has over 20 million registered users worldwide.

When should you rebirth mabinogi?

If you are between cumulative level 1,000 ~ 2,999, you can rebirth once every two days. If you are between cumulative level 3,000 ~ 4,999, you can rebirth once every four days. If you are above cumulative level 5,000, you can rebirth once every six days.

What is a good level to rebirth at?

The best level to rebirth at is level 850 as doing prestige after rebirth will make any more points worthless. Prestige after rebirth is the best thing to do as you get 20% of your stats and 300 extra.

What generation is the Mabinogi client?

Mabinogi Taiwan’s Client is at Generation 20: Door of Sanctuary and was released on January 21st, 2016 . Generations 1 through 3 ‘s final dungeon spawns were toned down.

What happened to Mabinogi Europe?

European players were partially refunded on Nexon Cash they had spent on Mabinogi Europe. European Mabinogi, before it was discontinued, had a patch similar to Nexon America’s ‘Pioneers of Iria’ called ‘The Uncharted Lands’ which was composed of content from Generations 4 through 11.

Can I play Mabinogi in Nexon of America?

Nexon of America’s region block was then altered to allow players with European IPs to play Mabinogi America. European players were partially refunded on Nexon Cash they had spent on Mabinogi Europe.

What is a mabinovel?

MabiNovel an illustrated novel written by the player. The player’s stories can be shared with other players. Collaboration Items Obtained in the Fate/Stay Night (UBW) Gachapon .