What bike did Cadel Evans ride?

What bike did Cadel Evans ride?

Cannondale CAAD 4
Cannondale CAAD 4 hard tail mountain bike used by Cadel EvansCannondale mountain bike ridden by Cadel Evans when he won the 1998 and 1999 World Cup mountain bike championships in the cross-country category.

Are BMC bikes worth the money?

Is BMC a good bike brand? BMC is one of the best bike brands in the world. Its have been ridden by some of the best cycling athletes in the world, who used them to win the most prestigious races in the sport. BMC mainly makes high-end bikes, but there are a few entry-level models to choose from as well.

Where are BMC bicycles made?

The entire production process–from the inception of a new bike, through to its design, prototyping, testing, iterating and all the way to the final product–happens in our Impec Advanced R&D lab in Grenchen, Switzerland.

Who did Cadel Evans ride for?

BMC Racing Team
Cadel Evans

Personal information
2003–2004 Team Telekom
2005–2009 Davitamon–Lotto
2010–2015 BMC Racing Team
Major wins

Is Cadel Evans still married?

Moving on: Cycling champion Cadel Evans ‘finds happiness’ with Italian skier Stefania Zandonella… six months after ending 10 year marriage to Chiara Passerini.

Has Cadel Evans won the Tour de France?

2011 Tour de France
2007 Tour de France
Cadel Evans/Tour de France wins

Are BMC bikes made in Taiwan?

AFAIK, yes, made in Taiwan.

Do BMC bikes run big?

BMCs in my experience, tend to run a little large for their marked size. I rode the 53 today and it seemed a little small, but you just confirmed what I suspected; that BMC runs a little large. I had them put a hold on the 55 and bring it to the shop near me.

What does BMC bikes stand for?


Did Cadel Evans get divorced?

Tour de France champion and Australian cycling legend Cadel Evans has split from the mother of his adopted son Chiara Passerini after ten years of marriage, he has revealed. The four time Olympian, who announced his retirement in February, proposed to Passerini after completing his first Tour de France back in 2005.

Did Cadel Evans win the Tour de France?

Does Cadel Evans adopted son live with him?

After a brief court hearing, the adoption was complete and Cadel and Chiara were free to take their son home, which for most of the year is a house in Switzerland.

Where are BMC bikes made?

It is headquartered in Switzerland where it also has its very own carbon production and R&D facility the Impec Advanced R&D Lab. BMC’s bikes are ridden by the world’s top athletes including Tour de France winner 2011 Cadel Evans and the 2014 World XCO champion – Julien Absalon.

Can Cadel Evans lead the Giro d’Italia until the finish?

Cadel Evans (BMC) is currently leading the Giro d’Italia – but can he maintain that position until the finish in Trieste? It’s a good move to position the electronic derailleur wire right next to the brake housing port. The unused mechanical housing stops are capped with a tidy plug

What is the best bike shop in Los Angeles?

BMC is the premium, Swiss, cycling performance manufacturer, established in 1994 ridden by the world’s top athletes including Tour de France winner Cadel Evans and World XCO champion Julien Absalon, sold at Bike Attack Playa Vista, Los Angeles, awarded America’s Best Bike Shop Award (310) 862-5001 – Playa Vista

Why choose BMC bikes?

BMC’s bikes are ridden by the world’s top athletes including Tour de France winner 2011 Cadel Evans and the 2014 World XCO champion – Julien Absalon. Since 2018 BMC also produces high end performance electric bikes in the categories: Road Bike, Mountain Bike and Lifestyle.