What are cultural resources?

What are cultural resources?

Cultural resources are any prehistoric or historic remains or indicators of past human activities, including artifacts, sites, structures, landscapes, and objects of importance to a culture or community for scientific, traditional, religious, or other reasons.

What is an example of culture in sociology?

Culture encompasses human elements beyond biology: for example, our norms and values, the stories we tell, learned or acquired behaviors, religious beliefs, art and fashion, and so on.

How cultural resources are maintained?

Cultural resource management in the heritage context is mainly concerned with the investigation of sites with archaeological potential, the preservation and interpretation of historic sites and artifacts, and the culture of indigenous people. Archaeological sites. Shipwrecks, submerged aircraft.

What is resource theory in sociology?

Resource Theory, first promulgated by Uriel Foa in 1971, is a social psychological framework for understanding social interactions and the relationships that form between individuals in everyday life.

What are the example of cultural resources?

Cultural Resources are tangible remains of past human activity. These may include buildings; structures; prehistoric sites; historic or prehistoric objects or collection; rock inscription; earthworks, canals, or landscapes.

What are the two types of cultural resources?

cultural resources includes archaeological sites and objects; historic sites and objects; as well as traditional sites and objects used by Native Americans. Archaeological sites contain artifacts of prehistoric, indigenous human activity as well as historic human activity.

What is an example of cultural resource management?

Often equated with archaeology, CRM in fact should and does include a range of types of properties: “cultural landscapes, archaeological sites, historical records, social institutions, expressive cultures, old buildings, religious beliefs and practices, industrial heritage, folklife, artifacts [and] spiritual places” ( …

What are cultural resources in sociology?

What are examples of social resources?

Examples of social resources include both tangible items such as money, information, goods and services, and less tangible concepts such as love/affection and status within society.

What are cultural social resources?

Cultural Resources are tangible remains of past human activity. These nonrenewable resources may yield unique information about past societies and environments, and provide answers for modern day social and conservation problems. …

What are examples of cultural resources?

Cultural Resources. Cultural landscapes: Settings we have created in the natural world. Ethnographic resources: Sites, structures, landscapes, objects or natural features of significance to a traditionally associated group of people. Museum objects: Manifestations of human behavior and ideas.

What is an example of Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human social behavior and structures. This is an extremely broad field that overlaps with most other social sciences including economics, psychology and law. The following are illustrative examples of sociology. The study of societies, complex social structures that organize human affairs in a place.

What is a good sociology topic for a research paper?

Pick a sociology research paper topic from the following list and get the A+ or at least the A you need: The causes of bullying. The effects of bullying. Why are family roles so important? Analyzing the “body culture.” Is shopping a sociological practice? Deviant behavior or teenagers.

What are the different types of sociology research?

Sociologists make use of tried-and-true methods of research, such as experiments, surveys, field research, and textual analysis. But humans and their social interactions are so diverse that they can seem impossible to chart or explain.