What are AOV vents?

What are AOV vents?

The main purpose of an AOV system (Automatic Opening Vent) is to aid evacuation by helping to clear lobbies, stairwells and corridors in the event of a fire through ‘smart’ smoke control, allowing a safe route to the nearest means of escape for building occupants.

What is natural ventilation in greenhouse?

Natural ventilation, or curtain ventilation, uses a series of roof and sidewall vents. As the temperature increases within the greenhouse, hot air also rises and escapes through the roof vents. This creates a vacuum that draws cooler air into the greenhouse through the sidewall vents located closer to the ground.

Can a window be an AOV?

The latest in smoke safety in windows, the automatic opening ventilation (AOV) window helps to clear lobbies, landings and corridors in the event of a fire. These windows are fitted with a smart actuator which allows for quick and automatic responsiveness to a fire enabling clear passage of the building occupants.

How does an AOV system work?

How does an AOV system work? When a detector or call point is triggered an AOV control system will open actuators, windows or vents to create ventilation. This clears smoke for people leaving the building and vents smoke out of the area that has been triggered.

Where is an AOV required?

Automatic ventilation is required to the stairs, comprising a 1m2 AOV at the head of the stairs.

How often should an AOV be tested?

AOV systems need to be tested both weekly and monthly. Weekly tests of your smoke control system should be carried out to check the operation of the system.

Do you need ventilation in a greenhouse?

Proper ventilation is imperative for a greenhouse to function properly. The ventilation system of a greenhouse provides fresh air to the plants (CO2), helps to control temperature and humidity, and reduces the likelihood of disease.

Where should a greenhouse vent be placed?

There are usually three places in a greenhouse in which air can come in and out: The door (either single or double doors) The roof vents (sometimes running the full length of the ridge and opened either manually or with automated openers)

Can AOV be opened manually?

Smoke Vents usually are supplied in 2 systems for AOV control; AOV single zone or AOV multi zone. Each panel can be triggered by Smoke Detectors or a Manual Call Point. This will then activate actuators to open or close.

How far should an AOV open?

WHAT is a stairwell AOV? A stairwell AOV is an automatic opening ventilator (AOV) which provides at least 1.0m2 of free area when open*. The installation is always located at the highest point in an evacuation stairwell and can take a number of forms.

Do I need AOV?

Forming part of a smoke ventilation system, Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are a required safety measure for multi-storey residential buildings. Compliance with the following AOV building regulations is essential when using them.

How often should an AOV be serviced?

twice a year
4. How often does the AOV system need to be maintained? It is recommended that smoke control equipment is serviced twice a year by a specialist smoke control contractor and maintenance certificates should be produced and kept in a maintenance log.

Can AOV be used for natural ventilation or smoke ventilation?

Again you would then need to add an actuator to each window/vent and either link to your existing fire system or add VCS call points & smoke detectors to the AOV multi zone system to trigger. Our AOV product range can be used for natural ventilation or smoke ventilation.

What is AOV (automatic opening vent)?

AOV is simply an abbreviation for “Automatic Opening Vent”. An AOV system is a control system designed to vent air or smoke for use in natural & smoke ventilation. So why do I need an AOV system? AOV control systems are used mainly to control the ventilation of smoke in a fire.

How does natural ventilation work in a greenhouse?

Natural ventilation systems operate on the principle that heat is removed by a pressure difference created by wind and temperature gradients. Wind plays the major role. For a well-designed greenhouse, wind speeds of 1 mph are adequate to keep the inside temperature within two degrees of outdoor ambient.

What AOV accessories&controls do smokysmoke vent systems supply?

Smoke Vent Systems supply a large range of AOV accessories & controls for all Smoke & Natural ventilation applications, including call points, fireman’s override switches, daily vent switches, natural ventilation sensors and controls and smoke detectors. Please check out our gallery below for more information.