Mannequins & Fashion Trends Today

Mannequins & Fashion Trends Today

Nike, a famous sports apparel brand and Rihanna, singer and a fashion icon, were both praised during this year for putting plus size mannequins into stores. As mannequins have always portrayed fashion and social trends, it’s interesting to take a look at how this entire journey has evolved through decades. Just think about the beginning of the 20th century, women looked very different and they dressed completely differently from today.

We can definitely say that mannequins play a huge role when it comes to all of these trends in the fashion industry, although we’re not giving them enough credit for it. Not to mention they provide so much choice nowadays that you can even take a peek into a mannequin guide to see what type of mannequin you should get for your business.

Fashion is an ongoing process that will never stop changing. Some trends are coming back while others barely last for a few months. What does it take for something to become an established trend in the fashion industry which will be praised years and years later?

In this article, we’ve decided to take a closer look at today’s trends in the fashion industry to understand where we can expect this exciting market to go in the near future.

Mannequins & Fashion Trends Today

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Plus Size Fashion

How can we start talking about today’s fashion trends without mentioning the plus size fashion? Actually, it’s so much more than just fashion, it’s a global movement that is being supported by both women and men regardless of their body size. Finally, the fashion world is accepting diversity and acknowledges beauty outside the box. Isn’t that what creativity is about? Stepping outside the box and finding something that’s worth your admiration because it’s unique should be the pillar of fashion.

Consequently, the runways are now including plus size models, catalogues and magazines are publishing photos of women with curves, celebrities are supporting this trend over social media, etc. You can’t escape this wave of plus size movement and you definitely shouldn’t. The fashion world is more exciting than it’s ever been!

Men’s Fashion

When talking about the exciting things that are happening in the fashion world, we can’t forget to mention the rising power of men fashion. Men all over the world are investing in how they look knowing that the first impression is vital. Men’s fashion is not just focused on functionality anymore, you can notice so much creativity in these colours, designs and materials of all clothing items for men.

From statement clothes such as socks, sneakers, t-shirts to adding accessories to make their outfit stand out among others, men have really upgraded their fashion game. Not to mention that on social media you can find male fashion influencers who are being followed by millions and millions of other men looking for inspiration. It will be interesting to watch how men’s fashion will evolve over the next few years!

Mannequins & Fashion Trends Today

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When you mix best of the athletic and leisure world, you get ath-leisure, a trend that’s been popular over the last few years. Who would have guessed that leggings, sports sneakers and hoodies will become a part of the runway fashion? Not only do we see these clothes on the streets but they have also become a part of fashion magazines and other fashion media. This led to these brands earning annual profits of several millions of dollars.

The great thing about ath-leisure is that it’s suitable for both men and women and is great for almost every occasion. Going out for drinks with friends on Friday? Put on leggings and sports hoodie and you’re good to go. After all, some of these ath-leisure outfits look way better than the casual and fancy clothing we have hanging in our wardrobe, right?

Keep it Metallic

Maybe you’ve seen this trend while you were shopping for leggings or anything else as metallic fashion is huge right now. From pants and boots to hats and coats, this is trend preferred equally by men and women as it’s really not gender-specific. All these shades of metallic are slowly entering even the makeup industry and it’s expected to go even beyond that. Metallic interior design, anyone?

What makes this trend so popular is its powerful tone mixed with just a hint of sensuality and sexuality. It’s also been around for a while because it perfectly fits your winter and summer clothing. Those who are in love with this trend will absolutely adore it for their beach look! Swimwear Australia is something you will love wearing on a hot, summer day when you still want to be fashionable.


All of the above-mentioned trends can easily be spotted the minute you enter your nearest shopping mall and start looking at the mannequins. From swimwear to warm coats, everything that’s hot right now will be announced on these mannequins. Make sure you pay closer attention to them next time you go shopping!