Is the Vaillant ecoTEC plus a combi boiler?

Is the Vaillant ecoTEC plus a combi boiler?

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 832 is a combi gas boiler. Your home may require a combi boiler, a system boiler or a regular boiler. You will also benefit from a Vaillant 832 flow rate of 13 litres per minute which offers you a great heating and hot shower experience if your home has one shower.

What type of boiler is a Vaillant ecoTEC Plus?

condensing combination boiler
The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi is a high efficiency condensing combination boiler that can deliver hot water in seconds. Ideal for comfortably heating homes of all sizes, the Vaillant ecoTEC Plus Combi is a stylish and modern natural gas boiler that can be converted to LPG if required.

Which combi boiler is the most reliable?

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 combi
#1 Best combi boiler – Worcester Bosch Greenstar 4000 combi boiler. The Worcester Bosch Greenstar range is the legendary boiler range that everyone has heard of. There is a good reason for it too. This boiler is exceptional at what it does at the right price.

Do Vaillant boilers have stainless steel heat exchangers?

The ecoTEC plus storage combi has a stainless steel heat exchanger alongside the premium components you expect from a Vaillant appliance. Overview The ecoTEC pro range of combination boilers combines the built-in quality, reliability, and performance you’d expect from Vaillant, with a simple design and approach.

What should the water pressure be on a Vaillant boiler?

The exact recommended pressure level will vary depending on the boiler manufacturer, but generally, anywhere between 1.0 and 2.0 bar is ideal. The boiler pressure level will rise when heating a home or providing hot water. However, it should still stay below the upper-pressure limit of 3 bar.

Where is the pressure sensor on a Vaillant Ecotec Plus?

The sensor will be fitted about a foot higher than were you would expect it to be. It’s on the return pipe (back pipe) just before it enters the heat exchanger. It’s difficult to see it as it’s fitted behind the plastic air intake that attaches to the gas valve.