Is the Fluval Spec V worth it?

Is the Fluval Spec V worth it?

It comes equipped with everything needed including, powerful filter, filtration media, LED lighting and more. We are going to review the Fluval Spec V. This amazing product is definitely the ideal choice as a small fish tank for your home, especially if you are looking for a 10 gallon fish tank or a 5-gallon fish tank.

Is fluval spec glass or acrylic?

The aquarium sits on a plastic frame. As simple as the Fluval Spec V is, the filtration system is actually very good and mimics the operation of some high end aquariums by using an overflow and trickle-through media compartment.

How many gallons is the fluval Spec V?

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit in Black features a 5-gallon capacity tank, the perfect size for creating a small yet splendid desktop fish tank.

How many watts is the fluval spec light?


MODEL Item # SPEC 10510 SPEC 10515
Wattage 2 W 10 W
Lumens 300 lm 738 lm
Color Temp. 6700 K 7000 K
LEDs 32

How long does a fluval filter last?

This family of nitrifying bacteria will benefit from partial media changes every 3-6 months to ensure clean porous surfaces are available.

How often should I clean my fluval filter?

Filter maintenance is key. Fluval filters are designed to rapidly and effectively allow easy mechanical media access for rinsing, so do this regularly (at least once a month) to ensure organic pollutants do not deteriorate water quality or impair the chemical and biological media.

Is fluval Spec good for bettas?

The Fluval Spec aquariums are a great choice to house a Betta, either the three gallon Spec III, or even better – the 5 gallon Spec V. Having 3 or 5 gallons will make the water parameters much better for your fish. Water parameters will stay better longer if you keep a few live plants in the aquarium.

What is the best filter for a Spec V tank?

Best In Class Filtration The Fluval Spec V aquarium tank also comes with a 3-stage filter which works like a “water conditioner,” letting your fish enjoy a cleaner environment with less work for you. Fluval has a history for making great filters and has included some great features in this small tank.

How do I set up my Fluval Spec V fish tank?

After you read through the instruction manual, setting up your Fluval Spec V tank couldn’t be easier—from the pet store to home set-up in no time. All you do is rinse all the aquarium parts (always avoid using soap! soap is toxic to fish), plug in the filter, the pump, slide in the lights to the light slot and then fill in the tank.

What is the best filter for a Betta tank?

Fluval has a history for making great filters and has included some great features in this small tank. It’s prowess in mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration means ultra clean water with crystal clear clarity in your Betta tank.

How do you clean the inside of a Fluval spec?

I set the light aside, take off the acrylic top, and spend 20 seconds wiping the water off the inside of the Fluval Spec lid with a soft towel. Next, I use a small tupperware to dip out some water. I want to remove enough to be able to get my arms into the tank and not displace water over the edge.