Is Editability a word?

Is Editability a word?

The state of being editable. The conditions under which something may be edited.

What do you mean by editable?

Wiktionary. editableadjective. Capable of being edited. This page is editable by anyone.

What does edibility mean?

fit to be eaten
: fit to be eaten : eatable. edible. noun. plural edibles.

What’s the meaning of fillable?

Able to be filled
Filters. Able to be filled. adjective.

Is it Uneditable or Noneditable?

As adjectives the difference between uneditable and noneditable. is that uneditable is (computing) that cannot be edited while noneditable is not editable.

What is another word for editable?

What is another word for editable?

correctable rephrasable
revisable alterable
improvable modifiable
redraftable rewritable

Is it edible or eatable?

Edible and eatable both refer to something that is “able to be eaten,” but edible is usually used to describe something that is safe to eat, without regard to taste, while eatable often describes something that has some level of acceptable flavor.

What does edibles mean in slang?

The common slang term for this is dabbing. It’s also very common for cannabis to come in some kind of food form, such as brownies, cookies, or lollipops. These are often called edibles.

Is fixable a word?

Capable of being fixed, repairable. Attachable.

What’s another word for fillable?

What is another word for fillable?

chargeable closeable
loadable packable
refillable replenishable

What is the opposite of editable?

Answer : The opposite of “editable” is “uneditable”. But we can also use, “static”, “fixed”, “monolithic”, “rigid”, “inert”, “constant”, “immutable” or “read only”(in the context of digital media). [

What does non editable mean?

Non editable means which is not able to do it permanently, new picture has to be made.