Is BSNL WiMAX still available?

Is BSNL WiMAX still available?

BSNL is the only operator who has the licensed spectrum to operate the same currently in the country. WiMax is the most spectrally efficient wireless technology among widely commercially deployed ones, anywhere in the world….Overview.

Coverage Availability in Palaghat
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How can I get BSNL WiMAX?

What do I need to get WiMAX connection? You will need your desktop or laptop computer with Ethernet card and the wireless device i.e. CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). CPE can be purchased from BSNL or can be provided on monthly rent as you apply for WiMAX connection.

How can I get BSNL internet connection?

The standard application form prescribed for new telephone connection can be obtained free of cost from any of the designated offices of the BSNL or the Customer Service Centers located anywhere in the country. Photocopies of these forms as well as downloaded copies FROM THE Internet are also accepted.

What is WiMax range?

WiMAX operates in between 10 and 66 GHz Line of Sight (LOS) at a range up to 50 km (30 miles) and 2 to 11GHz non Line-of-Sight (NLOS) typically up to 6 – 10 km (4 – 6 miles) for fixed customer premises equipment (CPE).

What is WiMax ID?

Customer may note down their unique user id (WiMax user id) which will be available. in the WiMax bill. The WiMax user id will be in the format of [email protected], where the unique id is ab10000001. Customers may use this id for sending the SMS for unbilled data usage checking.

Is WiMax better than Wi-Fi?

WiMax handle a larger inter-operable network. WiMax can be used to provide internet services such as mobile data and WiFi spots….Difference between WiFi and WiMax:

WiFi WiMax
WiFi is short range technology. WiMax is long range technology.
WiFi connection can transmit upto 54 mbps. WiMax connection can transmit upto 70 mbps.

Is WiMax a 4G?

Along with a competing standard called “LTE,” WiMax, short for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access, represents 4G or the “fourth generation” of wireless Internet. The new technology is similar to Wi-Fi in that it allows users to connect to the Internet without wires.

What is the cost of BSNL Wi-Fi?

BSNL WiFi Broadband Plans

Plan Name Monthly Charges in Rs Bandwidth (Download Speed)
1400GB_Fi 1200 Up to 30 Mbps till 1400 GB, then 2Mbps
1800GB_Fi 1491 Up to 30 Mbps till 1800 GB, after 5Mbps
2500GB_Fi 1991 Up to 30 Mbps till 2500 GB, then 10 Mbps
3500GB_Fi 2295 Up to 35 Mbps till 3500 GB, then 10 Mbps

How is the speed of BSNL 4G?

BSNL 4G is able to deliver speeds of up to 15Mbps in the real world. BSNL 4G is available across many south and west Indian states. The BSNL 4G network also supports VoLTE.

Is WiMAX better than Wi-Fi?

Is WiMAX cheaper than Wi-Fi?

WiMAX is bound to be cheaper than both broadband DSL Internet and 3G data plans. Data transferred beyond the limit of this package is paid per excess MB. This can end up being quite expensive for heavy users. On the other hand, WiMAX allows unlimited connectivity for all kinds of data, including data, voice, and video.

What is BSNL Wi-Fi?

BSNL WiFi Any Customer from any mobile operator having a mobile handset can enjoy high speed data (initial 30 minutes free and then through Wi-Fi recharge Coupons) through BSNL Wi-Fi Hotspots across the country. To experience, please follow following procedures: A) Steps for Activating in Mobile Handset

How to activate BSNL WiFi captive?

Select BSNL WiFi SSID and it will be redirected to Captive portal. Provide Mobile number and click on Get PIN Enter the PIN which has received and click on login. You will be allowed for browsing if you are allowed to use DATA as per the plan. Deduction/Billing will happen to the respective Mobile account C) Steps for Activating through APP

How do I connect my BSNL Wi-Max CPE device to my computer?

A power cord, which has 2 slots for network – one goes to Wi-Max CPE and other one goes to computer or a router. 3. A network cable. You will need to buy an extra one since you require 2 cables. Step 1: Fix the CPE device outdoors: My home is very near the BSNL office and so the device works even from inside home.

How to download BSNL mobile app on Mac?

Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps. BSNL introducing the Mobile App. It is the most trusted and secure app for your mobile recharges, bill payments Note : Recharge/STV/TOPUP failure cases kindly mail to [email protected] , this will help us in resolving Cases to your satisfaction.