How much is gas in LA right now?

How much is gas in LA right now?

Los Angeles-Long Beach

Regular Diesel
Current Avg. $4.746 $4.992
Yesterday Avg. $4.745 $4.985
Week Ago Avg. $4.702 $4.913
Month Ago Avg. $4.681 $4.811

How much is a gallon of gas in LA?

Regular Retail Gasoline, Average $US Price per Gallon

Year Jan Year Average
2020 $3.42 $3.04
2019 $3.13 $3.58
2018 $3.31 $3.51
2017 $2.86 $3.06

What was the highest gas price in Louisiana?

highest recorded average price

Price Date
Regular Unleaded $3.967 7/16/08
Diesel $4.766 7/16/08

Will gas prices in California go down?

Gasoline prices could keep going down. That’s the forecast in California from the experts as 2022 begins after a fall when inflation accelerated at its steepest pace in years. Overall, prices in California are expected to increase slightly less than the national average next year.

Where is the most expensive gas in California?

The most expensive gas in California is here in Mono County, a 13,000-person tourist destination on the border with Nevada that is home to the Mammoth Mountain ski resort. The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $5.66, according to AAA.

How much does gas cost in La?

The average price has risen $1.187 since the start of the year. The Orange County average price dropped one-tenth of a cent to $4.378, a day after reaching a 2021 high of $4.379. It is 1.6 cents more than one week ago, 1.1 cents higher than one month ago and $1.219 greater than one year ago.

Who sells the cheapest gas?

EIA reports 59 Bcf withdrawal,trimming deficit

  • Late-December cold still possible
  • Gas prices ‘unlikely’ to return to multi-year highs
  • What gas stations have the best prices?

    – Buy 10 Get 1 Free for coffee, fountain, and frozen drinks. – Buy 7 Get 1 Free for classic sandwiches, hot snacks, signature sandwiches, Godfather’s Pizza, hot foods off the roller grill, cookies, and donuts. – 5-cents off per gallon every day when you use Holiday Rewards with no gallon limit.

    What state has the cheapest gas prices?

    Odessa ($3.07)

  • Midland ($3.06)
  • El Paso ($3.03)
  • College Station-Bryan ($3.00)
  • Texarkana ($2.99)