How many stores does Tog 24 have?

How many stores does Tog 24 have?

Our Stores TOG24 now sells from over 60 outlets across Britain and Ireland, (and for the biggest bargains you can still visit us at our original factory shop in Heckmondwike).

Where are TOG24 clothes made?

Where are your products manufactured? All of our clothing and accessories are designed in our head office in Yorkshire where we’ve always been based. We source and produce our products all over the world including several countries such as China, India, Sri Lanka and Turkey.

Is Tog 24 a designer?

Tog 24 | East Midlands Designer Outlet | McArthurGlen.

Is tog24 a good brand?

Like many of the “budget” brands, you sometimes have to be a bit careful with quality, and some of the materials aren’t exactly leading edge. However, find the good bits and they are robust, well made and comfy. IMO tog24 stuff is average quality/performance. Only consider if heavily discounted.

What is 5k waterproof?

A waterproof garment is measured with two numbers. For example, if a coat were 5,000mm waterproof, a test is conducted where a long tube is placed over the fabric and the tube is then filled with water. 5,000mm or 5 metres (16.4 ft) is how far you could fill the tube before it would start to leak through the fabric.

Is Craghopper a good brand?

They’re good and for trousers and mid layers they’re the best VFM on the market IMO. I tend to spend the extra on outer layers – waterproofs, down jackets etc – but for cheap mid layers and day to day wear I think they’re brilliant.

How warm is tog24?

TOG 24 Base Mens Packable Down Jacket, Lightweight Breathable Ultra Warm 800 Fill Power 90% Duck Down and 10% Feathers, Soft Comfortable Casual Padded Stylish Coat, Perfect for Travel Camping Hikes.

How waterproof is Gore-Tex Infinium?

Jackets made with GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ WINDSTOPPER® product technology, for example, are not only totally windproof, they’re also water resistant, making them ideal for a morning walk around the lake with friends, or cycling back home on your daily commute.

What does IPX7 stand for?

The IPX7 rating means that the light is waterproof when submersed in water at a depth of one meter, for 30 minutes. Unless you require a diving light or flashlight that needs to be underwater for more than half an hour, a light with this rating should meet your needs. IPX8 Rating.

Is Regatta and Craghoppers same company?

Craghoppers is a British outdoor clothing manufacturer and supplier that was founded in Batley, West Yorkshire in 1965. It is best known for its walking gear Kiwi range….Craghoppers.

Type Privately held company
Owner Regatta Group
Parent Regatta Group

Who owns regatta?

Risol Imports Ltd
Regatta/Parent organizations

What is the most waterproof Gore-Tex?

Waterproof Breathability Rating Chart

Brand Fabric Waterproofness (mm/24 hours)
Gore-Tex® PacLite® 28,000
Gore-Tex® Pro 2L 28,000
Gore-Tex® Pro 3L 28,000
Helly Hansen Helly Tech® Performance 14,000