How do you say I look forward to your reply?

How do you say I look forward to your reply?

  1. 1 “I Await Your Fast Response” / I Await Your Prompt Response.
  2. 2 “I Value Your Input”
  3. 3 “Keep Me Updated”
  4. 4 “Looking Forward to Your Email”
  5. 5 “A Fast Response is Appreciated”
  6. 6 “I Appreciate Any Info You May Have”
  7. 7 “I Hope to Hear From You Soon”
  8. 8 “Talk to You Soon!”

Is I look forward to your reply rude?

When we speak, we can say “Looking forward to your answer>” Written language is a little more formal. “I think I’m looking forward to your reply is better.” Yes it’s grammatically correct and it is generally used when you expect them to reply. So if u are expecting them to respond, use this sentence.

What is another way to say I look forward to hearing from you?

“Always a pleasure” The phrase “always a pleasure” or a variation of this phrase may provide a more subtle alternative to “I look forward to hearing from you.” Reminding your reader that you enjoy their correspondence may prompt them to reply without explicitly requesting a response or action steps.

What’s another way to say looking forward to?

Synonyms & Antonyms of look forward to

  • anticipate,
  • await,
  • expect,
  • hope (for),
  • watch (for)

How do you say looking forward to?


  1. I anticipate …
  2. I await the opportunity to …
  3. I fondly anticipate …
  4. I’m eagerly anticipating …
  5. Your prompt reply would be appreciated.
  6. I await … with great expectation.
  7. I have high expectations of …
  8. I hope to … very soon.

How do you say I will wait for your response?

7 Alternatives to “I Look Forward to Hearing From You”

  1. 1 Use a call-to-action.
  2. 2 I’m eager to receive your feedback.
  3. 3 I appreciate your quick response.
  4. 4 Always happy to hear from you.
  5. 5 Keep me informed . . .
  6. 6 I await your immediate response.
  7. 7 Write soon!

How to respond if someone says ‘looking forward to it’?

or “see you then.”, or “I’m looking forward to it as well.” Depending on the impression you want to give, the first one is a little condescending, the second is putting you two on equal ground, and the third is putting yourself below. Or you could just not reply and give the impression that you’re very shy / neglectful / forgetful / (or/and) rude.

How do you respond to looking forward to it?

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How quickly should you reply to email?

Did you see my email?

  • Am I low priority and you’ll respond ‘later’? If so…
  • Did your server block my message?
  • Did my server block your response?
  • Perhaps you are working on a response — so I should wait?
  • Do you need more time?
  • Did I upset you — was my request inappropriate or was my email tone harsh?
  • Perhaps you did see my email and don’t care.
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