How do I contact income tax in India?

How do I contact income tax in India?

You can contact the income tax department for general queries by calling Aayakar Sampark Kendra on income tax department toll-free number 1800 180 1961.

How can I contact Income Tax Department?

e-filing and Centralized Processing Center

  1. 1800 103 0025.
  2. 1800 419 0025.
  3. +91-80-46122000.
  4. +91-80-61464700.

How do I complain about income tax?

PAN Grievances

  1. Step – 1. Visit
  2. Step – 2. Click on submit button and fill out the requisite details like Nature of Complaint, Receipt Number etc.
  3. Step – 3. Click on submit button in order to Submit the Grievance.

How do I email to CPC?

The tax payer should contact Aaykar Sampark Kendra at 0124 2438000 or email at [email protected]. In case return is submitted at Centralised Processing Centre (CPC) Bangalore, the taxpayer can contact CPC on 1-8004252229 or 080-43456700.

How can I get form16 online?

Go to ‘System Settings’, then to ‘Income Tax’ and then to ‘Form 16 Options’. You will be redirected to the ‘Form 16 Options’ page. Type the location in the ‘Digital Signature’ box where it’ asked to enter the credentials of the person responsible for form 16 section is.

How do I contact assessing officer for refund?

You can submit copy of Form 26AS to assessing officer. For further clarification please contact Aaykar Sampark Kendra at 1800 180 1961 or email at [email protected].

How do I complain to the department?

Launch a Complaint with the Help of e- Nivaran:

  1. Visit the income tax official website
  2. On the homepage, go to e-Nivaran scheme option.
  3. Here you can file a new complaint or you can check the status of the previously filed complaints.

Where can I complain against income tax evaders?

The public can now file a Tax Evasion Petition through a link on the e-filing website of the Department under the head “File complaint of tax evasion/undisclosed foreign asset/ benami property”.

Can I file ITR without form16?

Even if you don’t have Form 16, there are several documents such as salary slips, Form 26As etc. you can use as a reference to file your income tax return (ITR). For the salaried, Form 16 is a basic document used for filing their income tax returns (ITR).

Why is form 16 required?

Form 16 can be a crucial document for the following reasons: It works as a proof that your employer has deducted tax from your salary and deposited it with the government. It helps in the income tax returns efiling process. It is usually requested by banks and financial institutions when you approach them for loans.

How can I check my tax refund status 2020 21?

Step 1:Visit

  1. Step 2: Enter the PAN, assessment year, and captcha.
  2. Step 3: Click on ‘Proceed’ to check the status of the refund.

How many days it will take for refund after ITR processing?

Status post the ITR processing Generally, the credit of refund process takes about 20-45 days from the date of e-verification of the income tax return. However, if the acknowledgement has been sent physically to the CPC, it may take a longer time.

How to contact income tax department customer care in India?

Income Tax Department Official Customer Care Helpline and Toll-Free Numbers and Contact Details: Listed below are the contact details of the income tax department/income tax customer care in India. Toll-Free Number: 1800 180 1961

How to contact income tax helpline&toll-free numbers?

Below are the latest Income tax helpline contact numbers & Toll-free numbers. For General Queries related to Income Tax, PAN (Permanent Account Number) & TAN ( Tax Deduction Account Number), you can contact Aaykar Sampark Kendra (ASK) Toll Free number 1800-180-1961 (or) 1961 .

Where can I get income tax helpline in Bangalore?

To assist taxpayers, Income Tax Department has been rendering call centre service from its Central Processing Centre located at Bangalore (ITD-CPC, Bangalore). Form 26AS and Form 16. Below are the latest Income tax helpline contact numbers & Toll-free numbers.

What is the customer care number for e-filing of income tax return?

Customer Care number for queries related to e-filing of Income Tax Return & e-filing website login issues, contact numbers of e-filing Helpdesk are 080-4612 2000 and Toll-free-number is 1800 103 0025. Working hours : 09:00 hrs – 20:00 hrs (Monday to Saturday)