Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

The question on how much does mobile app development cost is one of the most sought after ones, no matter how strong the app entrepreneur’s financial background is.

There are a number of different valuations that a search hit on this query comes back with, but all with differences that belong to different ends of the spectrum. An event that confuses app entrepreneurs even more in terms of which one to follow.

In this article, we are going to help them understand the different factors on which the whole mobile app development cost is estimated. A knowledge of which would help them know what to expect when they enter the mobility domain.

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So, without further ado, let us get straight to it.

Here are the different factors that should be considered when estimating how much does mobile app development costs, as any trusted mobile app development company would tell you.

Technology Used

One of the most direct costs impacting factors of the mobile app development industry is the scope of technology used. The more complex the technology is the greater will be its impact on the cost.

If you wish to use technologies like AI or AR/VR, you will have to have a budget looking very up northwards. So, what we recommend is keeping the technical complexity to a minimum count if you wish to keep the cost in control.

Required Resources

The number of resources, aka the team size, carries a  direct impact on the app development cost. Ultimately, the cost of the app project is decided upon the time of resources that are being employed in its development. So, when the team is big, the cumulative hours also increase per head, thus adding to the app development cost. These costs can be reduced in the test maintenance stage by using automated software testing such as testRigor, which saves considerable time on both creating and maintaining tests, and thus money too. 

Number of Platforms

The reason why cross-platform app development is considered to be one of the most cost-effective modes of mobile app development is that they only use a single code that then runs on multiple devices. The idea is that the more coding you do for multiple platforms, the greater would be the app development cost.

App Design

The UI/UX elements that you choose for your application carries a strong impact on how much your application would cost. If you plan on adding multiple interactive elements like animation or gestures, the time and efforts that would be now required will increase, thus upping your app development cost.

App Integrations

The more you integrate your app with – in terms of plugins, APIs, devices, software, etc. The greater would be your overall application development cost. So, for the beginning of it all, keep integrations to a low until and unless your app’s core functioning depends on it.

App Category

A rarely revealed factor of mobile app development cost is the app category. A simple flappy bird application will any day cost a LOT lower than the cost of an on-demand application or a mHealth app following all the HIPAA guidelines.

So, when thinking of your mobile app development cost, keep this into consideration as well.

App Development Company Location

Factors Affecting the Mobile App Development Cost

Depending on where your partnered mobile app development company belong, your app cost can increase or see itself falling in the average ballpark. The general notion is that the more you go west the greater is the app development cost and the more you shift to the east, the less is the cost – keeping the quality quotient intact. This is one of the biggest reasons that make India one of the most preferred destinations for outsourcing the app development project too.

So, here were the different factors that carry a direct influence on the answer to how much does mobile app development cost. Now that you know what they are, the next step is to get in touch with a team of mobile app developers who will be the right blend of expertise and sympathizers – who would know the cost crunch a majority of businesses come with and would know how to use the knowledge to give the best efficient solution to ensure the quality of the application is maintained and is not seeing a setback because of lack of money.

Meanwhile, do you think we missed something? A factor that would carry a direct impact on the app development cost? Let us know in the comment section below and we would make the list extensive.

Hope we were able to help you with the knowledge of how to estimate the mobile app development cost.