Does DriveTime go by credit?

Does DriveTime go by credit?

You can start your approval now to get started, then head into your local dealership to choose your car! Does DriveTime do credit checks? Yes, we will run a credit check. DriveTime offers interest rates as low as 5.9%, on approved credit.

Where does DriveTime get their cars?

DriveTime has several different sources for vehicles; including auto auctions, off-lease vehicles and customer trade-ins. We send all of the vehicles we purchase through one of inspection centers to receive a multi-point inspection* before they are delivered to your local dealership.

Do dealerships drive you home?

No it’s not normal. It does happen occasionally, I’ve taken vehicles home that I’ve done major repairs on, to confirm it is okay before handing it back to the customer. I’ve taken vehicles home that have had intermittent faults, so living the furthest away, was asked to take them home to see if they faulted for me.

Can you pay off DriveTime early?

You don’t have early repayment fees on your DriveTime auto loan and the only charge that applies is the fee for the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to change the lienholder on your vehicle title.

How many miles can you test drive a car?

It is usually 3 to 5 miles. Others may tell you to be back in 30 minutes, and I have actually had a dealer tell me to enjoy the car for the day just bring it back before they close for the day.

Do dealerships let you test drive overnight?

In many cases, car dealers — especially new-car dealers — offer overnight test drives. If you’re buying a car and you need to bring it home, explain the situation to the dealer. You might be surprised to find that many dealerships will say yes — whether it’s for an hour or for a night.

How do payments work at DriveTime?

DriveTime does not offer the opportunity to make payments on the down payment. The DriveTime reservation program allows you to hold the car of your choice for up to seven days, but you cannot drive the vehicle off the lot until the down payment is fully paid. Reservation payments are also 100% refundable.