Why is my similarity score so high?

Why is my similarity score so high?

Heavy Use of Sources & Quotations: A student who does substantial research using multiple sources who includes lots of quotes and paraphrases will have a higher similarity score (especially if those configuration settings are set to include quotes), even if they have properly cited and quoted all of it and/or …

What percentage on Turnitin is bad?


What is the acceptable similarity index?

Similarity from a single source should not be more than 2% and overall anything between 15 to 20% should be acceptable.

How do I get rid of similarity index?

How to reduce similarity index :

  1. Cite your sources correctly.
  2. Put quotation marks around every quote. •
  3. Don’t over-use quotations. •
  4. Ensure that your own words are not too similar to the original text. •
  5. Exclude quotes, bibliographies, and small matches (5-8 words long) in the Turnitin setting.

Can you check similarity on Turnitin before submitting?

You can check for plagiarism and get a similarity score of a paper before submission using Turnitin’s self-check tool called WriteCheck. Turnitin self checker allows students to check for plagiarism and grammar before submitting it.

Why is turnitin not generating a similarity report?

The assignment may have been set up to either not show the similarity report to you or not to generate a report. Check the assignment information or ask your lecturer if you think you should be able to see a similarity report.

Can I check my paper with Turnitin?

The Turnitin Self-Checker allows current Purchase College students to check rough drafts of papers for plagiarism and proper citation. (No guest access. Purchase College students can use the originality report generated by Turnitin to identify paraphrases or citations that need revision before your final draft is due.

How do I check my similarity score on Turnitin before submitting?

To check similarity score before submitting your paper through Turnitin, you can use Turnitin’s self-checker and scan your drafts for plagiarism via its Feedback Studio.