Who played Joe Hardy on Broadway?

Who played Joe Hardy on Broadway?

Notable casts and characters

Character Original Broadway 1955 Off-Broadway 2017
Joe Hardy Stephen Douglass Matthew Morrison
Meg Boyd Shannon Bolin Victoria Clark
Lola Gwen Verdon Maggie Gyllenhaal
Mr. Applegate Ray Walston Whoopi Goldberg

Who played the Devil in Damn Yankees?

The noted actor who played Satan, the devil, in the 1958 musical film “Damn Yankees” was Ray Walston (1914 – 2001).

What is Damn Yankees based on?

The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant
Damn Yankees is based on Douglass Wallop’s novel, The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant. The novel is a modern retelling of the Faust legend, where a man exchanges his soul to the devil in exchange for extraordinary powers.

Who starred in Damn Yankees on Broadway?

In addition to Verdon as Lola and Douglass as Joe Hardy, Damn Yankees starred Ray Walston as Applegate, Rae Allen as Gloria Thorpe, Richard Bishop as Welch, Shannon Bolin as Meg Boyd, Russ Brown as Van Buren, Nathaniel Frey as Smokey, Elizabeth Howell as Doris, Jimmie Komack as Rocky, and Robert Shafer as Joe Boyd …

Who’s Got the Pain ERP?

It’s likely that every episode of Fosse/Verdon will have you wanting to do jazz hands, but the second episode will also have you proclaiming, “Erp!” That’s what Gwen Verdon states in the song “Who’s Got the Pain?” from Damn Yankees. Thanks to the film adaptation, video of Verdon dancing in Damn Yankees is available.

Who plays Heidi Hansen in the movie Dear Evan Hansen?

Julianne Moore
In September 2020, Julianne Moore and DeMarius Copes joined the cast of the film. Moore was cast to play Heidi Hansen and Copes, in his film acting debut, was cast as Oliver, one of Zoe Murphy’s friends and a new character created specifically for the film.

Who’s Got the Pain dance?

But it leads to the creation of perhaps the show’s most memorable dance number, “Who’s Got the Pain?”, a mambo performed by Gwen and cast member Eddie Phillips. The show opens to acclaim and marks the beginning of Bob and Gwen’s romantic and professional partnership.

What does Nicole Fosse do for a living?

DancerFilm actor
Nicole Fosse/Professions

Who is Fosse in Chicago?

Chicago, Illinois, U.S. Washington, D.C., U.S. Robert Louis Fosse (/ˈfɒsi/; June 23, 1927 – September 23, 1987) was an American dancer, musical-theatre choreographer, actor, theatre director, and filmmaker. Fosse’s distinctive style of choreography included turned-in knees and “jazz hands”.

What became of Gwen Verdon son?

Henaghan, who is now 73-years-old, is thought to donate his time by cooking at a California-based mission.

Who is Platt’s partner?

Noah Galvin

Ben Platt
Born Benjamin Schiff Platt September 24, 1993 Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor singer songwriter
Years active 2002–present
Partner(s) Noah Galvin (2020–present)