Who is the most important character in Resident Evil?

Who is the most important character in Resident Evil?

Chris Redfield is the face and, arguably, the main protagonist of the series. He first appeared alongside Jill Valentine in Resident Evil as a main playable character and member of S.T.A.R.S., and he has been in the most games out of any character in the franchise.

Who is the most strongest character in Resident Evil?

Who is the strongest Resident evil character? – Quora. Among the normal human beings, the strongest physically is Chris Redfield. His physical prowess is even acknowledged in RE3Remake in the form of the STARS Field Combat Manual edited by Chris Redfield.

Who is the hottest character in Resident Evil?

The 10 Sexiest Resident Evil Characters

  • Sheva Alomar.
  • Carlos Oliveira.
  • Claire Redfield.
  • Rebecca Chambers.
  • Leon S.
  • Ada Wong.
  • Jill Valentine. Of course we’re going to talk about Jill flippin’ Valentine!
  • Lady Dimitrescu. You didn’t think we’d end on Jill, right?

Is Billy Coen dead?

In the wake of the destruction, Chambers allowed him to escape, by telling her authorities that he subsequently perished in the Arklay Mountains after their first encounter, keeping his dog-tags as proof.

Who is the best girl in Resident Evil?

Top 10 badass females in the Resident Evil franchise

  • Helena Harper.
  • Rain Ocampo.
  • Karena “Lupo” LesProux.
  • Sheva Alomar.
  • Sherry Birkin.
  • Claire Redfield.
  • Ada Wong. Good ol’ mysterious Ada Wong.
  • Alice Abernathy. As the main protagonist in the Resident Evil movies, this woman gains enormous amounts of virus-enhanced power.

Who is the weakest Resident Evil character?

His story continues in Resident Evil Village, adding even more depth and lore to the faceless character. After seeing the full arc of his character laid out, one thing is now abundantly clear: Ethan Winters is the worst.

Who would win Leon or Chris?

Chris has a much less rounded arsenal of lower capacity weapons, but has more tools besides his weapons than Leon. Chris has much more experience handling the viruses of the Resident Evil world than Leon does, and is arguably just as proficient in knife combat as Leon is while being better at unarmed combat.

Who is stronger Lady dimitrescu or Nemesis?

In a Twitter poll from GameSpot, fans voted that Resident Evil’s Nemesis would defeat Lady Dimitrescu in a fight. While Lady Dimitrescu is extremely resilient, her only weapons in her normal form are large claws that spring from her hands.

Who is best girl in Resident Evil?

Who is the hottest character in Resident Evil 8?

Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu confirmed as the character we’d all most like to step on us. It’s the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for: namely, that Lady Dimitrescu is the sexiest video game character.

Is Billy Coen nemesis?

However, he was deployed with other UBCS soldiers during the Raccoon Incident so I doubt he’s Nemesis or Billy Coen. Besides, if you read Nemesis’ development by Umbrella, you’d know he started life as a regular T-103 and was injected with the NE-alpha parasite which turned him into the Nemesis T-type.

Will Billy Coen ever return?

As far as the world is concerned, Billy is dead thanks to Rebecca’s mission report regarding the incident. Despite that though, it would still be neat to see his return in the series. The CG films are 1-for-2 as far as bringing back Resident Evil 0’s protagonists, so there’s a glimmer of hope.

What do Resident Evil fans think about the cast?

Fans can’t seem to agree on gameplay and game design when it comes to Resident Evil, but fans do tend to agree on one thing: the series has a great cast. For as convoluted as the story is, these main characters are genuinely compelling. And by main characters, we do mean main characters.

Who is the most evil character in Resident Evil?

The most prominent antagonist in Resident Evil is without a doubt the maniacal Albert Wesker. This guy is the sort of madly evil mustache-twirler who’s so committed to being bad that it’s impossible not to love him.

Who died in Resident Evil village?

NOTE: Spoilers ahead for Resident Evil: Village which was just released May 7th. • Victim in road – Found dead. • Truck Driver – Truck crashed. • Robert Kendo – Eaten by zombies. • Annette Birkin – Slashed by William. • William Birkin – Killed in train explosion.

Is Resident Evil Good at survival horror?

Resident Evil is all about survival, and some characters are definitely better at it than others. Who would actually live the longest? Resident Evil is survival horror at its finest. Or its worst.