Who are the most popular Malayalam actresses in India?

Who are the most popular Malayalam actresses in India?

Huge fan following of Malayalam actress shows their popularity throughout country. These are the most popular Malayalam Actress who belongs to Mollywood and Malayalam Family. Manju Warrier is an Indian film actress and dancer who mainly works in Malayalam films. She was born on 10 September 1978, in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

What is the Best Costume for Malayalam actresses?

You may find it a few Malayalam actress photos who are not active in the movies nowadays. It is considered that the best costume for these south Indian actresses is in a sari

Why do people like to watch Malayalam movies again and again?

It was the golden era of Malayalam cinema from the ’80s to 2000 where we witnessed some classic movies. There were many Malayalam actresses who worked hard to bring the best out of them, focusing on the success of their movies. These movies are evergreen and still, people like to watch it again.

What is the history of Malayalam film industry?

Malayalam or Kerala film industry is 5th biggest film industry in India. The First Malayalam movie “Vigathakumaran” was released in 1930. Malayalam film industry always gives opportunity to newcomer actor and actress. Many actress jumped to other language movies like Tamil, Hindi, Telugu and Kannada after successful debut from Malayalam films.

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Is Malayalam film industry home to the country’s most beautiful actresses?

When the song made headlines for her tender beauty and naughty smile, the focus immediately shifted to the Malayalam film industry’s actresses! It was then discovered that the M-town was home ground to some of the country’s most beautiful and highly-paid heroines.

Who are Your Top 10 favorite Kannada actresses?

1 Shobana 2 Manju Warrier 3 Urvashi 4 K.P.A.C. Lalitha 5 Revathy 6 Monisha 7 Sharada 8 Jayabharati 9 Sheela 10 Bhanupriya