Where can u watch Ant Bully?

Where can u watch Ant Bully?

You are able to stream The Ant Bully by renting or purchasing on Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes.

Is Ant Bully a Disney movie?

Release. The film was theatrically released on July 28, 2006 by Warner Bros.

How long is the movie Ant Bully?

1h 30m
The Ant Bully/Running time

Is Ant Bully on Tubi?

Watch The Ant Bully on Tubi now! …

Is Ant Bully on Netflix?

Watch The Ant Bully | Netflix.

Is Ant Bully on HBO Max?

Watch The Ant Bully – Stream Movies | HBO Max.

Is ant Bully on Netflix?

How old is Lucas in The Ant Bully?

Appearance. Lucas is a clever boy. He is 10 years old but soon he’s 11 years old.

Is there an Ant Bully 2?

The Ant Bully 2 is an 2018 American computer-animated fantasy film based on the children’s book of the same name by John Nickle, and the sequel to 2006’s The Ant Bully. The film was released on July 20, 2018.

Is there an Antz 2?

Antz 2: The Return of the Colony is an Animated Sequel that releases in August 7, 2019, and DVD releases in January 23, 2020.

Is Antz a ripoff?

That false perception is mostly attributable to the unusual case of Antz. When it hit theaters in 1998 it was, after Toy Story in 1995, only the second feature-length computer animated film ever made. Yet it was already widely considered a knock-off to a presumably superior Pixar movie that hadn’t even come out yet.

What is Antz based on?

Katzenberg recalled Antz came from a 1991 story pitch by Tim Johnson that was related to Katzenberg in October 1994. Another source gives Nina Jacobson, one of Katzenberg’s executives, as the person responsible for the Antz pitch.

Is the Ant Bully on Netflix?

Ant Bully. This is one of my favorite bullying movies on Netflix for younger kids. It does a great job of demonstrating the chain reaction that bullying can have. The main human character, Lucas, is having a rough time. He’s neglected by his family and bullied by a bigger kid.

Who is the cast of Ant Bully?

The Ant Bully: Directed by John A. Davis. With Julia Roberts, Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Paul Giamatti. After Lucas Nickle floods an ant colony with his water gun, he’s magically shrunken down to insect size and sentenced to hard labor in the ruins.

Who produced Ant Bully in 1995?

The Ant Bully Theatrical Release Poster Directed by John A. Davis Produced by Tom Hanks Gary Goetzman John A. Davis Starring Julia Roberts Nicolas Cage Meryl Streep Paul Giamatti Zach Tyler Eisen Regina King Bruce Campbell Lily Tomlin Music by John Debney Editing by Jon Price Production company (s) Legendary Pictures Playtone DNA Productions

What is the Ant Bully?

The Ant Bully is a 2006 American computer-animated adventure fantasy comedy film written and directed by John A. Davis based on the 1999 children’s book of the same name by John Nickle.