What protocol does Icecast use?

What protocol does Icecast use?

1 Answer. Icecast and SHOUTcast both use TCP for both the source streams and streaming to end clients. There are many reasons this is beneficial: The codecs used by most internet radio stations do not lend themselves well to having lost chunks of data.

How do you start an Icecast?

Broadcast audio with Icecast2

  1. Install Icecast2.
  2. Edit Icecast2 configuration. Open the file /etc/icecast2/icecast.xml as root in an editor.
  3. Edit defaults. Open the /etc/default/icecast2 file as root in an editor.
  4. Start/Stop Icecast.

What type of vulnerability is Icecast?

Icecast : Security Vulnerabilities

# CVE ID Vulnerability Type(s)
2 CVE-2014-9018 +Info
Icecast before 2.4.1 transmits the output of the on-connect script, which might allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information, related to shared file descriptors.
3 CVE-2005-0838 DoS Exec Code Overflow

How do I stream Icecast?

Just navigate your web browser to host/port the Icecast server is listening on. If you are a Windows user, make sure you started the Icecast server and then click on the shortcut in the Startmenu, it will open the Icecast status page in your browser.

Is Icecast safe?

A vulnerability discovered in Icecast streaming media server could be leveraged by an attacker to kill the broadcast of online radio stations that rely on it to reach their audience. The flaw is sufficient to trigger a segmentation fault in the server process – an access violation condition that leads to a crash.

How much does Icecast cost?

Icecast is an open source streaming media server, used by radio stations around the world. Many people lease a streaming server from a dedicated streaming provider, but you can also host your own Icecast Streaming Media Server on a VPS for only US$3.50 per month! It’s super easy – this article shows you how!

What is the default username and password for Icecast?

source-password The unencrypted password used by sources to connect to Icecast. The default username for all source connections is ‘source’ but this option allows to specify a default password. This and the username can be changed in the individual mount sections. relay-user

What is the Icecast fileserver flag used for?

This flag turns on the Icecast fileserver from which static files can be served. All files are served relative to the path specified in the configuration setting. By default the setting is enabled so that requests for the static files needed by the status and admin pages, such as images and CSS are retrievable.

How do I edit the Icecast config file?

Especially for new Icecast users, editing the config file can be quite tricky. It is thus recommended to make a backup of the original config fileand then start by just changing all passwords, nothing else. Should you need to customize the configuration, then make a backup of your working config file, before you make any changes.

How do I move/remove the log files from Icecast?

Note that on non-win32 platforms, a HUP signal can be sent to Icecast in which the log files are re-opened for appending giving the ability move/remove the log files. If you set any of the filenames to a simple dash (e.g. – ) then Icecast will direct the log output to STDERR instead of a file. accesslog