What nationality is the name Guion?

What nationality is the name Guion?

French: from the Germanic personal name Wido (see Guy).

What is a Spragg?

noun. a pole or bar hinged to the rear axle of a cart or the like in such a way that it can brace the vehicle against a road to prevent it from rolling downhill. Mining. a short timber for propping up loose walls or spacing two sets. verb (used with object), spragged, sprag·ging.

What nationality is the name Fuquay?

The long and noble heritage behind the name of Fuquay first began in medieval France.

What nationality is Yunes?

Yunus (Arabic: يُونُس, Yūnus, Persian: یونس, yūnes, Turkish: Yunus), also spelled Younas, Younes, Younis, Younus, Yunes, Younous and Yonas, is a common male given name, the Arabic version of Greek Ιωνάς (Ionas), from Hebrew יוֹנָה Jonah ‘dove’.

What does the name Guion mean?

The name Guion is a boy’s name meaning “resolute protection”. Intriguing short form of Guilherme, heard in Portugal and Brazil. Guion Bluford was the first African American to go to space.

What is a sprag in a transmission?

A sprag is a one-way mechanical clutch used in many automatic transmissions as a method of allowing the transmission to smoothly change gears under load. Allomatic sprags are full-hardened, individually loaded, and made with high-quality maraging steel that provide higher fatigue limits than stainless steel.

How does a sprag work?

A sprag clutch has cam-shaped steel wedges (or sprags) that are placed at an angle and controls the one-way direction of movement. When the movement tries to go in the opposite direction an instant driving disengagement or locking occurs.

What does Varina mean?

Slavic Baby Names Meaning: In Slavic Baby Names the meaning of the name Varina is: Foreigner.

Which is Fuquay and which is Varina?

The population was 17,937 at the 2010 census, and estimated at 30,324 as of July 2019. The hyphenated name attests to the town’s history as two separate towns. Fuquay Springs and Varina merged in 1963 to create the modern town….

Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina
State North Carolina
County Wake
Incorporated 1909

How common is the name Yunus?

How Common Is The Last Name Yunus? The last name is the 2,688th most frequent family name worldwide, held by approximately 1 in 35,144 people.

What is the meaning of name Younis?

Meaning of Younis Younis means “dove”.

What is a roller clutch?

Roller clutches transfer a torque in one direction and move freely in the opposite direction. Roller clutches transfer a torque in one direction and move freely in the opposite direction. In neutral, they have a low frictional torque, which prevents drive system losses and saves energy.

What is the origin of the Spragg family?

Early Origins of the Spragg family. The surname Spragg was first found in Suffolk where Reginald Sprag is listed in Suffolk in 1303. This is generally considered to be the first record of the family.

When did Thomas Spragg die?

Mr. Thomas Spragg U.E. (b. 1730) who settled in Springfield, Kings County, New Brunswick c. 1784 he died in 1812 [3] Emigration to Australia followed the First Fleets of convicts, tradespeople and early settlers.

When was the first record of the Sprak family found?

This is generally considered to be the first record of the family. A few years later, Richard Sprak was listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Suffolk in 1327 and Alice Sprakes was listed in Somerset in 1359. [1] This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Spragg research.