What is the ranger station disclaimer?

What is the ranger station disclaimer?

DISCLAIMER: Activities and vehicle modifications appearing or described at The Ranger Station and it’s pages may be potentially dangerous. We do not endorse any such activity for others or recommend it to any particular person – we simply describe the experiences and opinions of other Ranger/Bronco II owners.

When did the Lone Ranger first air on the radio?

After several more dry runs the show was deemed ready by Trendle, Pierce, Campbell, Jewell, Striker, True, Campbell and everyone else involved in its production. The Lone Ranger debuted on WXYZ and its new Michigan Radio Network on Tuesday, January 31, 1933.

How old was George Stenius in the Lone Ranger?

Twenty-one year old George Stenius had come off a road tour with the play Elizabeth The Queen when he auditioned for Jim Jewell at WXYZ on January 11,1933, and landed the title role of The Lone Ranger.

Who is the Lone Ranger?

I’ll be…The Lone Ranger!” The story of Network Radio’s greatest hero began on October 10, 1925, when wealthy advertising man George Harrison Phelps put WGHP/Detroit on the air. Two years later his 500 watt namesake at 1110 kilocycles became one of the original 16 affiliates of the fledgling Columbia Broadcasting System.

What color are the cargo lights on a 1984 Dodge dome?

Dome Cargo Lights 1984 – 1988 (Bronco II): Black With Light Blue Stripe Wire – To Dome & Cargo Lamp From Door Jamb Switch Light Green With Yellow Stripe Wire – To Glove Box, Power To Door Jamb Switch, Cargo Door Switch, Under hood Lamp, Cargo Lamp, Map Lamp, Digital Clock (Hot At All Times From Fuse Panel)

What color are the warning lights on a 1984 Ford Bronco?

Brown Wire – Courtesy Lamps, Warning Chime, Marker Lamps, Taillight, License Plate Light Light Green With Yellow Stripe Wire – To Glove Box , Door Jamb Switch, Digital Clock, Map Light, Under hood Light Red With Pink Stripe Wire – Ignition Key/Safety Belt/Lamps “On” Warning Dome Cargo Lights 1984 – 1988 (Bronco II):