What is the average wind speed in Chicago?

What is the average wind speed in Chicago?

Notably, Chicago didn’t make the list, despite its nickname as the Windy City. Its average wind speed is only 9.9 mph. However, much stronger wind gusts can be felt in the city streets. Wind tunnels are a common phenomenon in several cities where wind speed increases as the air is squeezed between skyscrapers.

How often is it windy in Chicago?

The windier part of the year lasts for 7.1 months, from October 1 to May 6, with average wind speeds of more than 11.4 miles per hour. The windiest month of the year in Chicago is January, with an average hourly wind speed of 14.2 miles per hour. The calmer time of year lasts for 4.9 months, from May 6 to October 1.

Why is Chicago so windy?

In addition, Chicago is referred to as the “windy city”, in part because of the strong winds found between its tall buildings and a frequent lake breeze. However, Illinois is not one of the windiest states. Mountainous areas of the western US and the High Plains have higher wind speeds.

What is the typical average wind speed?

In the U.S., daily wind speeds typically average between 6 and 12 miles per hour (10 and 19 kilometers per hour) throughout the course of a year.

What months are windy in Chicago?

Winter (December, January, February) and spring (March, April, May) are Chicago’s windiest seasons, with spring being slightly windier. Spring’s average wind speed is 11.7 mph; winter’s average is 11.5 mph. You are correct that it usually feels windier in the winter because it is much colder.

What is the windiest month in Chicago?

According to the Illinois Climatologist Office, the average wind speed for the entire state is 7.4 miles per hour, with March (9.1 mph) and April (9.2 mph) being the windiest months on average. For the Chicago area, it’s 10 mph.

Is Chicago really the windiest city?

Contrary to popular belief, Chicago is not the windiest city in the United States. That honor goes to Boston, Massachusetts, which boasts wind speeds that are regularly up to two miles per hour faster than Chicago’s.

Which month is the windiest?

Our windiest month is March, when the average wind speed is 10.9 mph according to NOAA. April, however, is not far behind with an average speed of 10.5 mph followed by February and January with average speeds of 10.3 and 10.0 mph, respectively.

What is the windy month?

March is often taken to be the windy month, but this is not the full story. March tends to be blustery because it is a period of transition.

What is the windiest time of year?

Across most of the country, spring is the windiest time of the year. Wind speeds and wind power tend to be 3-5 times stronger in March and April than in July and August. In the dust bowl days most of the dust storms were in late winter and spring. That continues to be the case in the Plains today.

What is the least windy month in Chicago?

Average wind speed in Chicago (Illinois) On average, the most wind is seen in January. On average, the least wind is seen in August.

Is Chicago windy in June?

Wind. The average hourly wind speed in Chicago is decreasing during June, decreasing from 10.1 miles per hour to 9.1 miles per hour over the course of the month.