What is reprodex?

What is reprodex?

The system provides our sales team with information such as copycount, options, accessories, condition and original serial number. Reprodex was founded in 1992 by Englishman David Ede who worked in the used copier export branch in the U.K for many years.

Does reprodex provide certificates of destruction?

Reprodex receives certificates of destruction for all products which are being offered for recycling. Reprodex has set up an environmental management system in compliance with the ISO 14001 standard and we are proud to announce that as of March 2008 we are certified to this standard.

Where are Gronsveld and reprodex located?

Gronsveld is situated at the motorway junction of the E25/A2 (Amsterdam-Brussels) and A79 (Li├Ęge-Aachen/Cologne) and has good connections with all European highways. Reprodex is situated directly off the European highway E25/A2.