What is gap identification in literature review?

What is gap identification in literature review?

A literature gap, or research gap, is an unexplored topic revealed during a literature search that has scope for research or further exploration. To identify literature gaps, you need to do a thorough review of existing literature in both the broad and specific areas of your topic.

What is theoretical gap?

By Theoretical gap one is pointing at an area for which theory fall short, which means also that no publish theory has addressed the concerned area. in contrast, literature gap covers theoretical gap in addition to empirical gap, in the later a theory may exist, but still literature didn’t address testing the theory.

What is the difference between empirical and theoretical?

Experimental (empirical) probability is the actual probability of an event resulting from an experiment. An outcome of a probability experiment is one possible end result. Theoretical probability is the probability ration of the number of favourable outcomes divided by the number of possible outcomes.