What is a synonym for wistfully?

What is a synonym for wistfully?

regretful, nostalgic, yearning, longing. plaintive, rueful, melancholy, sad, mournful, forlorn, disconsolate, woebegone, doleful. pensive, reflective, contemplative, meditative, dreamy, daydreaming, in a reverie.

What is a fancy word for long?

What is another word for long?

lengthy lengthened
considerable great
expanded extended
faraway extensive
far distant

What is another word for long duration?

What is another word for long duration?

long run long haul
distant future long period
long period of time long term
remote future whole

What is a synonym and antonym for wistfully?

disconsolate pensive meditative contemplative mournful forlorn dreamy reflective thoughtful wistful.

What is the meaning of wistfulness?

1 : full of yearning or desire tinged with melancholy also : inspiring such yearning a wistful memoir. 2 : musingly sad : pensive a wistful glance.

What is the synonym of yearning?

Frequently Asked Questions About yearn Some common synonyms of yearn are hanker, hunger, long, pine, and thirst. While all these words mean “to have a strong desire for something,” yearn suggests an eager, restless, or painful longing.

How would you describe something very long?

Some common synonyms of huge are colossal, enormous, gigantic, immense, mammoth, and vast. While all these words mean “exceedingly large,” huge commonly suggests an immensity of bulk or amount.

What is a long explanation called?

A long, involved story, account, or series of incidents. saga. rigmarole.

How do you say long time?

  1. aeon.
  2. all one’s born days.
  3. coon’s age.
  4. eternity.
  5. forever and a day.
  6. month of Sundays.
  7. right smart spell.
  8. time immemorial.

What is the meaning long-lasting?

Definition of long-lasting : existing or continuing for a long time a book that has long-lasting significance The trip had a long-lasting effect on me.

What is a antonym for wistfully?

Antonyms: glad. Synonyms: contemplative, meditative, brooding, pensive, broody, reflective, ruminative, musing, pondering.

Is Wistless a word?

Not knowing; ignorant (of); unwitting (of).