What is a birdcage in scaffolding?

What is a birdcage in scaffolding?

Birdcage scaffolds are typically used in buildings where access is required, at high levels, for example ceilings. The birdcage is an independent scaffold consisting of more than two rows of standards in both directions connected by ledger beams at every lift height.

What are different types of scaffolding?

Types of scaffolding

  • Single scaffolding. Single scaffolding stands parallel to a wall of a structure by using vertical supports called standards.
  • Double scaffolding.
  • Cantilever scaffolding.
  • Suspended scaffolding.
  • Trestle scaffolding.
  • Steel scaffolding.
  • Patented scaffolding.
  • Wooden and bamboo scaffolding.

What is Putlog scaffolding?

Also known as a bricklayer’s scaffold, a putlog scaffold consists of an outer row of vertical members (standards) joined together by ledgers fixed with right-angle couplers. These support the transverse transoms (or putlogs) which are built into the brickwork bed joints as work proceeds.

What is independent scaffolding?

Independent scaffolds are constructed from two parallel rows of standards tied by transoms, which bridge the width of the scaffold, and ledgers, which run along the length of the scaffold. A space is usually maintained between the scaffold and the building to allow the masonry to progress unhindered by the scaffold.

What are the 3 types of scaffolds?

There are three basic types of scaffolds:

  • Supported scaffolds, which consist of one or more platforms supported by rigid, load-bearing members, such as poles, legs, frames, outriggers etc.
  • Suspended scaffolds, which are one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other non-rigid, overhead support.

How do you brace a birdcage scaffold?

– You should provide transverse bracing at each forth bay on the scaffolds ends. – You should brace the outer row of standards on either face as well as each third row internally using longitudinal bracing. – You should provide a tied face or longitudinal bracing at every third longitudinal row of standards.

What are the four types of scaffolding?

4 Main Types of Scaffolding | Building Engineering

  • Independent Scaffolding:
  • Single Scaffolding:
  • Double Scaffolding:
  • Needle Scaffolding:

What is bricklayer scaffold?

Brick layers scaffolding or Single scaffolding. In this type of scaffolding, a series of vertical members made of bamboo or timber (named as Standards), are firmly fixed into the ground in a row parallel to the building wall. The distance in between two standards is generally kept within 2.4 to 3 m.

What is the difference between a putlog and independent scaffold?

The difference between independent scaffolding and putlog scaffold is that an independent scaffold relies on two lines of standards to support the working platform, not the building wall. This means that independent scaffolding is separate from the building, and only tied to the building for additional security.

What does aerial scaffold?

Suspension scaffolds are comprised of one or more platforms suspended by ropes or other non-rigid means from an overhead structure. Aerial lifts are vehicle-mounted devices such as cherry pickers or boom trucks used to get a worker to an elevated position.

What is the maximum width of the perimeter lifts on a birdcage scaffold?

Rule-Regulated Erection A 2.5-metre maximum width is set between the standards.

What is a cantilever scaffold?

Cantilevered scaffolding is a form of scaffolding that is usually used to overcome obstacles that prevent a scaffolding tower being erected, or reduce the chances or damage occurring to the structure beneath the cantilevered area.

What is bird cage scaffolding used for?

A birdcage scaffold is definitely an impartial scaffolding comprising significantly more than two series of requirements in each instructions linked by ledgers and transoms (view Figure 1). It’s mainly utilized regarding function completed for instance roofs, for a passing fancy degree.

What are the requirements for Birdcage scaffolds?

Birdcage Scaffolds can be installed using either Kwik-Stage or Super-Scaff up to a height of 60m if braced and tied back to the permanent structure. Birdcage scaffolds must be constructed such that the spacing between the standards does not exceed 2.5m in each direction and Reinforced Ledgers must be used to support the working platforms.

How do I get a quote for Birdcage scaffolding?

If you require for more information on birdcage scaffolding or would like to receive a FREE quotation based on your requirements, please get in touch with us today on 020 7205 4086 or 07738 196990. Birdcage Scaffolding – How Does It Work?

What is a birdcage used for in construction?

The top lift is boarded to form the access platform for work on ceilings and soffits, e.g. fix lighting, ventilation or sprinklers over an inside area. The side bays of the birdcage may also be required to form a normal access scaffold to the walls supporting the soffit. There are two types of birdcage: 1. Birdcages with more than one lift height.