What happened to Hockenheim?

What happened to Hockenheim?

But while the new layout may provide better overtaking opportunities, the soul and charm of the Hockenheimring was lost. It was a unique track, now its characteristics are no different to the majority of the other circuits on the F1 calendar. Most of the old layout has been taken up and replaced by trees and plants.

Is Hockenheimring a high downforce track?

Missing most of its characteristic long straights, but keeping a lot of key corners slow, the Hockenheimring reverted to a high downforce circuit during the 2002 reconstruction.

Does F1 still race Hockenheim?

The German Grand Prix was held at Hockenheimring every year between 1977 and 2006 (except 1985). A further one-year deal placed the German Grand Prix on the 2019 calendar. As of 2021, a race under the name of ‘German Grand Prix’ has not been run again although Germany hosted the 2020 Eifel Grand Prix.

Why did they change Hockenheim?

In 1999, plans were announced for a wholesale revision to the circuit. The FIA had demanded changes if Hockenheim was to retain the Grand Prix. At 6.8km it was felt to be too long and with large parts heading through forest sections it was not a spectator-friendly facility.

Will Hockenheim return to F1?

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says Hockenheim, Nurburgring Not in the Mix for 2022. Traditional Formula 1 hotbed Germany will not make a return to the F1 calendar any time soon, F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says. “Just look at what happened in Holland,” Domenicali said. “Zandvoort is sold out for the next three years.”

Is Hockenheim a good track?

Hockenheim has a great history and heritage and as a circuit is far superior, even now to the new Nurburgring. This weekend’s German Grand Prix could be a monumental race. Lewis Hamilton and McLaren are flying high after thrashing the entire field soundly in a rainy British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Is Hockenheim high or low downforce?

Setup. You need a lot of downforce for Hockenheim, especially on the front, as it’s vital for turn-in. I went with 8/6 wings, I’ve tried less but that’s the lowest you can get away with while keeping the car on the track.

Which country is Hockenheim?


Country Germany
State Baden-Württemberg
Admin. region Karlsruhe
District Rhein-Neckar-Kreis

Why is there no F1 race in Germany?

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says Hockenheim, Nurburgring Not in the Mix for 2022. The series was planning on 23 this year, but pandemic-driven cancellations and postponements appear to leave F1 at no more than 22 races this year. …

Why is Germany not on the F1 calendar?

The Hockenheimring and the Nürburgring already alternated to spread the costs, and Mercedes was partner of the German GP for years. However the team stopped doing so and so the German GP disappeared from the calendar.

What is the F1 schedule?

F1 Calendar – 2022

Date Race Winner/Lights Out
Aug 25 – 27 Rolex Belgian GP Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps Aug 26 – 9:00 pm
Sep 1 – 3 Heineken Dutch GP Circuit Park Zandvoort Sep 2 – 9:00 pm
Sep 8 – 10 Pirelli Italian GP Autodromo Nazionale Monza Sep 9 – 9:00 pm
Sep 22 – 24 VTB Russian GP Sochi Autodrom Sep 23 – 9:00 pm

Why was Nürburgring removed from F1?

At the Italian Grand Prix in 1961 there was an accident that killed 15 spectators as the driver, causing he organisers to rethink the track. The banked section was deemed to dangerous and was scrapped from the layout.