What does defoliating mean?

What does defoliating mean?

Definition of defoliate transitive verb. : to deprive of leaves especially prematurely Black spot, which looks like its name, attacks leaves. Left untreated, it spreads and multiplies, and can defoliate the plant.—

What is Defolate?

verb (used with object), de·fo·li·at·ed, de·fo·li·at·ing. to strip (a tree, bush, etc.) of leaves. to destroy or cause widespread loss of leaves in (an area of jungle, forest, etc.), as by using chemical sprays or incendiary bombs, in order to deprive enemy troops or guerrilla forces of concealment. to lose leaves.

How do you use defoliate in a sentence?

The adults defoliate plants, and the larvae feed on roots. 4. The forest had already been defoliated and the oaks and aspens were expending precious energy sending out a second flush of leaves. 5.

What is defoliation in bonsai?

Bonsai defoliation (or leaf cutting) is a technique of bonsai styling in which all or a large part of the leaves and all buds at the end of each shoot of a bonsai tree are removed with a sharp bonsai scissors.

When should I defoliate my bonsai?

For most Bonsai tree-species June is the best month to defoliate, leaving enough time to grow new leaves and prepare for the winter season. The exact moment depends on the tree; defoliate after the new spring-growth has hardened off. When cutting the leaves, we do not remove the leaf-stalks.

How many times should you defoliate a flower?

The target is to get a final product of high quality, with dense and uniform buds. * In this tutorial we recommend defoliate a maximum of 3 times. Some growers will choose to practice their plants a continuous defoliation along growing stage, removing all leaves every 7-10 days, every time they re-grow.

Can you defoliate a pine?

Pines as well as deciduous trees are also defoliated. Pines are a special case because we usually do not think of needle pulling as defoliation but it really is because the needles actually are leaves.