What Colour is a COSS armband?

What Colour is a COSS armband?

The COSS wears a blue badge with ‘COSS’ on it.

What is a COSS on the railway?

A controller of site safety or COSS is a person qualified by the British company Network Rail to ensure safe practice for work occurring on or near rail infrastructure. Their primary role is to set up a safe system of work to protect staff from trains and trains from staff and activities.

Can a cross act as a lookout?

You do not act as a lookout. There will be no need for anyone to cross more than two open lines to reach the position of safety. The group will not need to walk more than 25 metres (approximately 25 yards) along the line to reach the position of safety. The warning time needed is not more than 45 seconds.

Can a COSS be site warden?

The Rule book allows COSS to be a site warden to convey a group to site but whilst working they cannot act as COSS and site warden if they have other duties. This means a person in charge could act COSS and site warden to convey a group to site only.

What Colour is a site wardens cuff?

A Site Warden’s cuff is blue with white writing.

What is a railway Pilotman?

pilotman in British English (ˈpaɪlətmən) nounWord forms: plural -men. 1. ( formerly) a railway worker who directed trains through hazardous stretches of track.

Can a COSS work?

Only a person with a valid Sentinel Card endorsed IWA or COSS can work alone on or near the line. If your Sentinel Card only shows COSS with a red triangle you must not work alone. You must keep at least 2m from any line open to train movements.

How much does a COSS earn?

The average coss salary in the United Kingdom is £32,175 per year or £16.50 per hour. Entry level positions start at £30,225 per year while most experienced workers make up to £39,488 per year.

Can I PIC COSS and site warden?

In all circumstances a PIC must NOT be a lookout / site warden’. Question: Do Individuals Working Alone (IWA) need a COSS competence to become a PIC? Response: No. An IWA cannot be a PIC for a team of people, in such case the PIC must hold COSS/SWL.

Under what criteria will a COSS appoint a lookout?

A person appointed, when required by the COSS to ensure staff are in a position of safety for a minimum of 10 seconds. He/She will be appointed if the lines/s cannot be blocked and work has to take place whilst the lines staff are working on remain open to traffic.

What are unworked points?

Unworked Points that are not operated from a signal box points or ground frame. Worked points Points that are operated from a signal box or ground frame.

What is emergency special working?

Emergency special working (ESW) is an alternative to temporary block working (TBW) which allows trains to be moved more quickly and more safely following a major signalling failure.

What are the requirements for a COSS armlet or badge?

The COSS armlet or badge must have COSS in white letters on a blue background. 2 Work that you can do without the line being blocked

What is a COSS armlet?

1 Competence and identification To act as a controller of site safety (COSS), you must have with you a valid COSS certificate of competence issued by your employer. You must wear a COSS armlet on the left arm or a COSS badge on the upper chest when you are carrying out the duties of a COSS.

What is the Coss competency assessment?

This assessment determines a person’s competency when performing the duties of a Controller of Site Safety (COSS) against the relevant Network Rail Company Standard NR/L2/OHS/019, NR/L2/CTM/021 and GE/RT8000 Rule Book.

What is the rt9909 Coss declaration?

• The COSS’s Record of Arrangements and Briefing Form (RT9909) or OnTrac EPIC (SWP equivalent) must then, be signed by each member of the group (including the Track Safety Assessor) to confirm understanding and only then the RT9909 COSS declaration must be signed by the COSS.