What are the best sources to use when answering foreground questions?

What are the best sources to use when answering foreground questions?

Foreground questions are best answered by consulting medical databases such as MEDLINE (via PubMed or Ovid), Embase, Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews and ACP Journal Club. DML’s Clinical Quick Reference page is a great place to locate EBM resources.

What is the importance of a PICO question?

A clinical question needs to be directly relevant to the patient or problem at hand and phrased in such a way as to facilitate the search for an answer. PICO makes this process easier. It is a mnemonic for the important parts of a well-built clinical question.

What does Pico mean?

Patient, Problem or Population

What is PICO framework used for?

The PICo (Population, Interest, Context) framework and the SPIDER framework are examples of frameworks that can be used to structure review questions on the views or experiences of people using or providing services, family members or carers or the public.

What is spice in research?

The acronym SPICE stands for Setting, Perspective, Intervention, Comparison and Evaluation, and provides a way to formulate practice questions for finding evidence in existing research. It builds upon the PICO acronym (Population, Intervention, Comparison and Outcomes) in two ways.

What is Spider research?

also addressed this issue of relevance by developing a new search tool entitled “SPIDER” (sample, phenomenon of interest, design, evaluation, research type), designed specifically to identify relevant qualitative and mixed-method studies [9].

What does PEO stand for in research?

• PEO: Population/Problem/Patient, Exposure, Outcome.